On November 6, 2012 our lives were blessed by the arrival of this sweet baby girl.   Immediately she filled us with such joy.  I can never imagine life without her now.  Want to hear all about how we got here?  Check out some of my pregnancy posts:
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Childbirth was quite the experience.  I actually looked forward to going into labor and was excited to experience it.  When it began I was so thrilled.  Thrilled quickly turned into pain and exhaustion!  Read about my experience here:
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Motherhood has been a whirlwind.  While pregnancy and delivery were very difficult for me, being a mom has been absolutely wonderful.  Read a few posts about my experience here:
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Now that Eleanor is here, I am obsessed with photographing her, and documenting her every move.  You can watch her grow here:
Two Weeks, Three Weeks, Four Weeks
Six Weeks
One Month
Two Months
 Three Months

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  1. Gosh! Eleanor is growing SO quickly!!
    She is SO beautiful!! ...just like you! :-)