Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A great day

What does a great day consist of in your world?  Me?  Well it would start with being on time.  To anything.  If I'm on time to everything, then it is even greater!  Today was that day.  8am meeting.  Check.  9:30 coffee date.  Check.  11am to the sitter's.  Check.  11:30 to a networking lunch.  Check.  Those are some pretty amazing feats when juggling a baby and a puppy and all of their needs.  So today was pretty great.
And what makes a day not so great?  Cleaning up dog messes.  Recently we have started allowing Penny upstairs.  Before we had a baby gate up so she couldn't go anywhere beyond the first floor.  Since our first floor is just tile and hardwoods it all worked really well with potty training.  But then our little escape-artist decided to learn how to climb the baby gate.  So we took it down and gave her free reign of the stairs.  All bedroom doors are kept closed to keep her out of our things, but she can roam the hallway and stairs as she pleases. 

So now our little dog has decided that the proper place to use the restroom is on the landing on the stairs.  Super.  She was all but potty-trained before, so what gives now?  Does she think the carpet is grass?  Needless to say, cleaning up 3 messes on the carpet today was not helping make my day great.  Coming home from my "on-time high" to a smelly house was not very fun.  I then proceeded to lock her away in the garage while I scrubbed carpets and mopped floors.  Not nice Penny, not nice.

All-in-all this Wednesday was a pretty fantastic day.  Busy, but good.  I try not to wish days away when it comes to Eleanor.  I don't want her to grow up too fast.  But when it comes to Penny, I am anxiously awaiting the day when she is no longer a curious, misbehaving pup.  Yes, I'm wishing those days away! 

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