Friday, October 19, 2012

The upside of pregnancy

I've had a fabulous time complaining about all my pregnancy symptoms for the last 8 months to anyone who would listen.  But I would be amiss if I left out the few good things I have experienced with this pregnancy.  I certainly have my share of grievances, but I will look back over this year of my life with a fondness for what I have experienced.

1. Radiant Skin.  I know they always tell pregnant women they "glow" and for the most part I think they are lying, but it is certainly true that I have had the clearest skin ever during my pregnancy.  I haven't had a single zit in the last 36 weeks and in many ways I do feel like I'm glowing (even if my face is a little puffier than usual!)

2.  Intimacy in Marriage.  And I'm not just talking about it in the sexual sense.  No, I really feel like Alex and I have grown so much closer in the last year.  There is just something about knowing you created this life together that brings a deeper love and connectedness.

3.  Trying meat again.  Seriously.  I always wondered what would make me want to eat meat again, and pregnancy is the answer.  I don't think I will continue to eat meat forever.  I really don't enjoy it that much.  But I really did like tasting all sorts of new flavors again.

4.  My already growing relationship with Eleanor.  Truthfully I am scared to death to be a mom.  When I found out I was pregnant I was positively terrified.  And when I found out it was going to be a girl, I was fully beside myself in fear.  The anxiety would keep me up at night and I constantly worried about whether I could possibly be the best mother for this little girl.  While the future is still so full of the unknown, I have really given this worry to God, asking Him to show me how to be a great mom.  Ultimately, I know that if I can be the best version of me, it will be the best possible mom for my daughter.  So instead of fearing the future, I use my energy to think of all the ways God has called me to be a great mother and so I shape my mind around what will happen, instead of what could happen.  I know I will make mistakes as a mom, just as I make mistakes as a wife and a child of God.  But through forgiveness and grace I will be the best mommy to my little girl!  And I promise her that every single day.

5.  The belly dances.  I could complain all day long about her incessant kicks and punches, but the truth is, I wouldn't change it for the world.  It is a constant reminder that she is there and with me all the time.  Constant company!  I miss her when I can't feel her! 

Well it's no top 10 list (like the reasons I hate being pregnant) but it's a start in the way of positivity.  I suppose the best part will be having Eleanor here and being a mom, but I wouldn't know that yet!

Happy 36 weeks!  4 more to go!

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