Friday, November 2, 2012

38 Weeks: Everything Changes

It is wild to think how far we have come, and yet things are still changing.  Every single day of being pregnant is completely different.  I only wonder how much more I have to experience before she makes her grand appearance!

Yesterday I officially noticed her change positions.  She has been head down forever, but she is now about 6 inches lower than she was just the day before.  It is a visible change in my stomach and made yesterday very uncomfortable.  I experienced cramps pretty much all day yesterday and what I can only assume to be contractions began at night and lasted through this morning.  They are more spaced out now...praying they return tonight and this baby comes!

The pressure in my ribs has definitely changed to pressure in my hips and pelvis.  And I have certainly developed the waddle.  It is very uncomfortable to walk.  Pretty much the only thing that feels comfortable now is sitting in a warm bath.  I am concerned that two weeks of this discomfort will really leave me cranky. 

We have officially hit November.  Back on October 1st I announced that it would be my last full month without baby, and now that we are in November I am realizing that this will be the month I become a mother.  It could be today, it could be 4 weeks from now.  Either way, chances are that we will not make it through November without a baby.  Pretty wild!

To celebrate the beginning of November and the subsequent beginning of parenthood, Alex and I headed out for a date night last night.  However, we had a very disappointing dinner at Flatiron, one of my favorite restaurants.  They offer a vegetarian plate so we each ordered it.  This isn't the first time we have ordered the vegetarian entree, however, the portion was small and only included vegetables.  No grains, no proteins.  After some complaining they brought us a small Soba Noodle Salad to share but that was all.  We were not happy and it may be the last time we eat dinner there.  I do recommend their beer and wine selections, although I didn't get to take part in any tastings last night.
We also took some time after work yesterday to vote.  With Eleanor's impending arrival, we aren't sure if we will be available on Election Day so we took advantage of the second to last day of early voting and cast our ballots. 

I feel pretty ready now if Eleanor were to come.  The house is tidy.  The bags are packed.  My toes are pedicured! The car seat is ready to go.  Now I just pray that my water doesn't break in an inconvenient location!

38 weeks and 2 to go 4 to go!

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