Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's A...


Last night we hosted a fun get together with friends to reveal our baby's gender.  We found out earlier in the week with fun photo shoot revealing pink or balloon balloons from inside a box.  Note: if you are interested in doing this, just ask your ultrasound technician to write the gender in a sealed envelope instead of telling you directly.  Then we took the envelope with our box to Party City and they happily filled it with balloons!
The party last night was decorated blue and pink and we created a dessert table for a fun reveal.  Some of the blue and pink treats we chose were white chocolate and sprinkled covered pretzels.
Blue and pink M&Ms.
Rock candy and blue and pink Twizzlers.
And of course, my favorite, pink sugar wafers.
To drink we had blue and pink Jones sodas along with some Blue Moon.
And I mixed up some Pink Lemonade which really was the star of the party.
There were plenty of other treats on the table including gummy bears and these cute suckers decked out with lips and mustaches.
I had so much fun preparing for this party and it was extra special that we got to host it in our newly painted and tiled home!
Thankfully our party guests dug right into all the sweets (so I'm not left with too many leftovers!) and soon enough it was time to cut the cake.
My friend Emily made the cake for us.  It was wonderful, not overly sweet but just perfect for eating.  We let Carrie cut into the cake to reveal the gender.
Everyone "wore" their votes, dressing in either pink or blue.  The group was pretty split and it was quite a surprise to reveal this:
A pink centered shared that our baby is to be a little girl!

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