Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Year Ago

One year ago today I totalled my hubby's car.  That means one year ago today we became a one-car family.  Honestly for me, it hasn't been all that hard.  After all, I am the one with the car most days of the week.  Poor Mr. Alex has not had a car these last 52 days!  He deserves all the credit for surviving as a one-car family.  Of course so do our wonderful friends that graciously help us out. 

There are benefits to being a one-car family.  We only pay insurance on one car which is a significant savings.  We only pay tax and inspection fees on one car.  Again, a significant savings.  I don't believe we are saving any money on gas with just one car since most afternoons I drive to the school and back to pick up Alex anyway.  And we are driving our gas-guzzling Jeep everywhere instead of putting most of the miles on the efficient Honda. 

When the car was wrecked the insurance company paid us out a sizable sum of money. We could have used that money as a down payment on a new car.  In hindsight, perhaps we should have done just that.  But at the time we were trying to sell off possessions anyhow and neither of us believed we would still be in the states a year from then.  So we opted to pay a big chunk of our debt down instead.  We had no way of knowing just what the Lord would bring in one-year's time, although I am certain he had already started growing our baby inside of me then.  This day, one year ago, was also five weeks (to the day) before I found out I was five weeks pregnant.  Interesting, no?
Side note: while looking for the above photos I stumbled on this old blog post.  I literally laughed out loud reading my cravings that I believed were related to the 7 foods fast.  Those cravings were 100% pregnancy cravings and I hadn't even realized it yet!  Hilarity!

Ok, so back to the car sitch.  It is obvious we are tired of our one-car family status.  It worked before Eleanor, but now to pick up Alex takes a whole lot of preparation and time.  And patience.  We are desperately praying for a relief from our current situation.  Money is still very tight and we just abhor the idea of car payments.  Pray with us to make the right choices and decisions as we walk down this car buying path, will you?

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