Friday, February 15, 2013

2-day Recap

Look at these V-day beauties.  Twins from miles apart.  It was just coincidence that we decided to dress Kolbie and Eleanor in similar outfits, but it sure made my heart melt.  I miss my little niece, although by the looks of this photo, she sure is catching up to Eleanor's chubby cheeks!  Not so little anymore!
So Eleanor and I had a great day out yesterday.  After my date morning with Alex, we hit the road for Bible study.
Even this traffic jam couldn't stop my wonderful mood.  I was late, but made it in time for the small group study.  Afterward I went for a long stroll with my best friends Melisa and Brandy.  And then sped off to Salisbury for a quick meeting before finally getting home around 3:30pm.  It was quite a full day.  But Eleanor was perfect the whole time.  It seemed that her timing was impeccably planned, nursing at all the right times, napping during all my meetings.  Thank you Eleanor.
Oh, did I mention lunch yesterday?  I filled up on cupcakes and cookies at Bible study:
I raved about how excited I was to have fellowship group and not have to feel the pressure of the big holiday last night.  Well fellowship was cancelled and we had to regroup.
Take and bake pizzas from Papa Murphy's with a glass of Pinot Grigio and an episode of Top Chef.  I was skeptical of Papa Murphy's concept.  If it's takeout, why do I have to cook it?  But the pizza turned out wonderfully and we enjoyed a nice evening at home with our happy little family.
Dessert S'more Pizza!

Today was a bit of a repeat.  A busy day full of meetings out of the house, followed by dinner and wine at home.  Oh, and I also had cake for lunch:
The birth center where Eleanor was born had a big celebration today.  100 birthdays and counting!
Eleanor even made the cake!  So clearly I had to eat that slice.  We ran around Statesville all day.  We stopped by this little fellow's house to say hello in between meetings.  
Thanks Cam and Jess for having us!

Now we are getting ready to head out to watch Matthew play at a local coffee shop. 
Eleanor has been helping him practice for weeks.  She is his audience of one!  Have a great weekend friends!

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