Friday, September 14, 2012

31 Weeks: Preparing for Baby

Fridays are a celebration around here.  We celebrate another end to a work week, which means uninterrupted time for just Alex and me.  Like so many of you, we relish in the weekends, hoping they will last beyond the last possible second.  I don't mind the week so much, the Mondays don't bother me, but I really, really like the weekends! 

We celebrate Fridays because it is laundry day.  Yes, silly, I know.  But I enjoy being able to get all the laundry done before the weekend.  Sometimes I will even clean the bathrooms on Fridays too.  It just makes the weekends that much more enjoyable.  No house work to do!
This Friday I was surprised with an empty laundry basket however.  Alex did all the laundry last night!  I know, I'm bragging.  So today I will just celebrate no laundry!

Fridays include one other major celebration...this is the day we mark as one week closer to meeting our baby girl.  My due date is on a Friday, so each week I count down to the end of pregnancy and the beginning of a new journey.  31 weeks down, 9 to go!  Whoa, 9 to go!  That is only 63 days! 

Yup, I know it could be 8 more weeks, or 10, or even 11 or 12.  I know I will probably drive myself nuts with this countdown, especially near the end.  But I can't help it.  It is just too fun now to recognize each passing week. 

At 31 weeks, she is a squirmer!  Her kicks and jabs and twists and turns are all over the place.  Sometimes I get giddy with excitement, sometimes I just pray for her to lay still.  Her hiccups are the craziest, and honestly the most annoying.  It is a weird sensation that repeats itself over and over and over and over.  I can only imagine what that 3 pound child inside me is feeling with each hiccup.

Throughout this journey of pregnancy, I have moved from a minimalist to a maximist...meaning I want it all!  All the baby stuff!  I'm only slightly teasing here, and I must clarify that I certainly don't want it all designer or even brand new.  We are so excited to have so many "love-me-downs" gifted to us.  From play mats, to walkers, to jumpy and bouncy things and exersaucers and even a changing table/dresser combo.  Most of these things I never knew existed and would have never known I wanted until now. 

Other gifts we have received as hand-me-downs: lots of baby girl clothes for when she is over a year old, a breast pump, a carseat (that meets all requirements), cloth diapers, blankets, glider and a bassinet! We have so been blessed by all these gifts. 

And then there are the home made gifts! My favorites!  The blankets, the outfits, the toys, the onesies. So, so cute! 

And of course the new gifts: the crib and countless more adorable baby outfits, the dolls and stuffed animals and blankets and the Boppy.  All for our precious baby girl!

Early on in the pregnancy we had no plans for a nursery.  The minimalist in me wanted nothing of the sort.  I was convinced that she would take up no more room than the space in the bed between Alex and me.  But now this is our reality!
Partially I was misguided to believe that she wouldn't need much.  After all, where would I have put her clothes and diapers.  The rest are just handy extras I'm sure.  Not necessarily needed, but things I am oh-so-grateful for!  As I attempt this whole Work-At-Home-Mom thing I believe I am going to need lots of gadgets to entertain little Eleanor with.  I wouldn't give up anything we have received so far!

So what is still needed? I get this question so much, especially with my upcoming baby shower:
  • We still need lots of clothes for 0-12 months. We have several outfits already, but I imagine we are going to need more.  Hand me downs are always accepted and loved here!
  • Cloth Diapers: of all sizes and shapes.  Again, I would love them used or new! We have a bunch already but certainly need to supplement those.
  • We also need baby shampoos and all the little extras like nail clippers and those bubble things that suck boogers out of the nose!
  • And books! We want lots and lots of books!  Not so many toys, but lots of books!
  • Oh, and we do still need a mattress for our baby girl to sleep on.  Although admittedly, she may not sleep there very often. 
  • I also believe I need a baby carrier of some sort.  Either a Moby Wrap, or Baby K'Tan, or my personal favorite the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier.  
And wants...oh there are many of those:
  • I have a stroller, a great fantastic stroller.  But I would love this stroller:
It is a travel system with our carseat and gives the lightweight, easy to handle City Mini a run for it's money! 

Other wants include:
And what I want more than anything else:
  • A giant case of Charlie's Soap so I will never have to spend money on laundry detergent again!
  • And one of these two beautiful Diaper Bags (yup no longer a minimist!)
The one above has Eleanor's name right in the description (Ellie Blue) and below is the Alex Baby Bag, so either will work!
Ok, I know those are both over the top and not at all necessities.  But they are on my very-much-like list!

If our baby girl came right now we would have plenty.  All of her needs would be met.  So even the needs on this list are loosely described this way! She is a fortunate little girl and we are fortunate parents to have everything we need!

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