Thursday, February 14, 2013

Date Morning

I mentioned yesterday that Valentine's Day was going to be low key this year.  Low key, yes, but no less special.  Alex and I rolled out of bed at 5am and nestled on the couch with a blanket, coffee and an episode of Top Chef, our new favorite. 

His Valentine's Treat:
A box of donut holes. 

For me, new stove top drip pans.  It's ok, they were on my list.  I remember once at church during a sermon, Doug mentioned that he learned the hard way to not buy kitchen gadgets and small appliances for his wife for any special occasion.  He warned the men in the congregation to heed his advice.  "Ear Muffs!" I exclaimed.  Alex does not need to listen to that nonsense.  Kitchen gadgets and small appliances are welcome always.  Especially if it means I don't have to scrub old drip pans!

For the record, Alex also surprised me with a piece of art for the house that has the words to "Amazing Grace."  I am very excited about this gift.  We have wonderful artwork in the house, but I want to begin adding pieces that represent our faith so Eleanor will grow up with positive words surrounding her always. 

Speaking of Eleanor, she woke up around 6am to hang out with us.  Valentine's Day is made even more special by her presence.  Have I mentioned lately how lucky we are to have her? 
Eleanor made her daddy a special Valentine's Day card this year:
While she napped yesterday, I padded her foot with an ink stamp and pressed it into the shape of a heart on one side of the card.
Pretty cute, huh? I am no creative genius; clearly this idea came from Pinterest.  I think Alex really liked it though.  Now the question is, do we save it?  I am a minimalist and I am treading in uneasy territory with all this baby paraphernalia.  I nearly cried this morning when the onesie I put on Eleanor didn't fit.  Save it! Save it all!

Tonight I am thankful we have fellowship group.  It takes the stress and pressure off V-day.  Instead of trying to find a babysitter and deal with long wait times at restaurants, and make a big night of it, we will relax with friends we love the most.  Ultimately these are the evenings we always enjoy best anyhow.  When there is so much pressure on a date night it typically leads to disappointment (the food wasn't good enough, too expensive, etc.) 

What are your plans for tonight?  Happy Valentine's Day!

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