Friday, February 22, 2013


How can that smile not brighten your day? Around here it is awful gloomy outside, but with this girl around it is always sunny.  She brings the sunshine into my world.  I know, cheesy, but so true!

Lately I fear I have been portraying a lackluster attitude on the blog.  It could all be in my own head, but with topics like wrecked cars, dog poop, food addiction, failed vacation plans, traffic jams, and mean girls I am afraid I may give the impression that my life is a bit needy or depressing.  I hope what you read through all the crazy is that my attitude is positive and uplifting through it all.  I lean on God when things get hard, and I spell it all out on the blog to help me deal.  But every morning I wake up with new resolve and cheery disposition because that is life.  And after all, I have this sweet girl to share my days with, and an amazing husband to anticipate home in the afternoons...And we have Girl Scout cookies to make life happy!
Truth: I love these cookies and can't get enough!  I want to hoard hundreds of boxes in my freezer (hello food addiction) and not let anyone else at them!  The Girl Scouts are smart, only selling them once a year.  They have me cornered.  Alex and I only bought one box each of our favorites.  Just 4 boxes total.  But yesterday I was excited to see them lined up at bible study so I could try one of every kind. 

My all-time favorites are the Thin Mints (duh!) and the Samoas.  Long live the name Samoa.  Third in line would have to be the Tagalongs (or Peanut Butter Patties) and fourth are the Do-si-dos (Peanut Butter Sandwich).  Honorable mention: the Trefoils (shortbread).  I love the classic and standard and old ones.  We did buy a box of the Thank Yous this year and I like them, but they aren't very different from a Keebler cookie.  Then I heard about the Lemonades.  Not to be confused with the Lemon Smiles.  Apparently there are two bakeries that make GS cookies.  One makes the Lemon Smiles, one makes the Lemonades.  Where we live the Lemonades are hard to come by...or so I'm told.  Somehow a mom at the gym smuggled me a box in to the state.  I have yet to try them but considering I love all things lemon-flavored, I can't wait!

Ok, so make that five boxes we bought!

Want to know what else I'm loving?  My best friends.  Which pretty sums up my entire friend base, because I don't just have friends.  I have best friends.  There is no time to waste on casual friendships.  When I make a friend, I go all-in!  It is no secret I like to spend time with friends.  Monday nights are girl's nights with Sara and Jill and now a new friend April.  Mondays or Tuesdays I take Holly's class at the gym with either Jenna or Emily.  I don't go to the gym alone, ever.  I always need a friend.  Which is why I met Jenna and Brittney for a gym date this morning.  Thursday mornings I have recruited a small possy to attend bible study with me.  Thank you Brittney and Katie.  And Thursday evenings I attend another bible study with Jenna and a new circle of friends.  Tuesday nights I look forward to time with Shannon and Elizabeth and Katie and Denise at fellowship group.  And I can't forget to mention my oldies but goodies Brandy and Melis- we squeeze in time whenever we can.  And days shopping with Vanessa.  Afternoons with Maureen.  Game nights with Carrie.  Then there is Jess, and Jennifer and so many, many more that I am not naming, but that doesn't mean I am leaving you out.  I am just running out of room.  I just love to be with my friends.  They mean the world to me. 
Lunch and a walk with my new friends Brittney and Katie!
Lately I have been blessed with many new friends and I couldn't be happier.  God has really placed some amazing women in my life who enrich my everyday.  He has always provided for me support and encouragement and fellowship in the shape of like-minded, spiritual women.  They help me grow as a woman, a wife, a mom, and most importantly as a Christian.  Today I am thankful for my many friends.  I love you all!

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