Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eleanor turns 2 (weeks)!

Two weeks ago today I delivered Eleanor Margaret at 10:20pm.  So technically this post is a little early, since she's only 13 1/2 days old, but we're close.

At two weeks old, Eleanor has insane head and neck control.  She has actually had it from day one.  When laying on my chest she can hold her head straight up and stare into my eyes.  Not just for a moment, for long periods of time. 
Eleanor has decided this week that our bed is her bed too.  While we had always planned to try co-sleeping, we ruled it out after the first couple nights because Alex and I weren't getting much shut-eye.  However, she is on strike from her bassinet so our only way to get any sleep is to bring her in bed with us.  Her favorite spot to sleep is right on Alex's chest.  Thankfully he is getting used to this and is able to sleep a little better too.  She does nap in her bassinet (with the exception of yesterday).  But nighttime, no way!
Speaking of yesterday, my perfect little newborn turned into a monster on Monday.  Of course we have still been struggling with a stuffy nose, but something else seemed to be bothering her.  I think we determined it was gas.  It made for a really difficult day and all I accomplished was snuggling my little one while she fussed.  Magically in the evening she turned back into herself and then last night gave us three solid stretches of three hours a piece!
At two weeks old:
  • Eleanor can already recognize her mommy and daddy's voices.  
  • She is awake more often during the day and for longer stretches of time.  
  • Breastfeeding is going very well, she latches immediately and eats for about 45 minutes at a time, eight to ten times a day (that's a full-time job folks!)  
  • She is in cloth diapers full time now, but she hates having her diaper changed.  
  • She also hates having her clothes taken off or put on.  Generally speaking, she hates to be fussed with at all. 
  • Eleanor smiles but doesn't really know she's doing it yet. 
  • Is still snorting and squeaking.  We love her sound effects.  
  • No real nicknames yet.  Sometimes I call her Pip, short for Pipsqueak.  We'll see if it sticks though.
Despite a very difficult day on Monday, I still love being Eleanor's mommy.  I know I will say it every week, but I just can't believe she is already two weeks old!  I can't believe I am her mom!  I can't believe our little family of two is now three!

For more photos, check out this wonderful slideshow my friend Crystal made for us with Eleanor's newborn pics.

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