Thursday, February 28, 2013

Treadmill Intervals

Yesterday I completed gym workout #2 for the week.  After Alex got off work we headed to the gym for a treadmill date.  Eleanor hung out in Childwatch while I tackled some intervals. 
Lately I have been downloading treadmill workouts from various blogs and websites and tweaking to work for me.  I think my expectations for performance are still too high because I typically cannot achieve what I set out to accomplish.  So yesterday my goal was achievement.  I put together this interval mix with determination to finish. 

The first 5 minutes walking were easy.  How fast 5 minutes fly when you are just walking.  The next 5 minutes were the worse!  When I am out of practice, treadmill running is such a mind game.  All I wanted to do was quit.  I pushed through knowing the next 7 minutes would be more entertaining.

I did 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off seven times.  You can increase or decrease the speed to meet your needs.  My speeds are recorded in parentheses.  I worked up a good sweat by the end of the first set of sprints.  Then on to another five minutes of steady treadmill running.  Again, these minutes ticked by very slowly, but alas it was on to the last set of sprints. 

I counted these seven sprints down one at a time.  Six to go.  Five to go.  Four.  Three.  Then I even started counting them out loud to Alex to help me through.  Two to go.  One.  DONE!  I reduced the speed to a walk for just a minute and then hopped off the treadmill to walk the track with Alex for a cool down. 

There was a time in my life when 30 minutes on a treadmill didn't hardly seem like a sufficient workout.  These days it is an accomplishment!  My next workout for this week...a 5k race this Saturday!  Wish me luck.  It's my first race post-baby--on my birthday no less! 

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