Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Weeks

I skipped Eleanor's 5 week update last Tuesday.  I thought I wanted to skip ahead to just monthly updates, but then I realized so much happens in a week, and I don't want to miss a thing!
So I am going to back to weekly updates...at least for this week!

Eleanor is now nearly 6 weeks old! Every time I pick her up I exclaim how big she has gotten.  When I lift her out of her bassinet each morning I can tell she has grown so much overnight.  At the pediatrician's last week she was tipping the scales at just over nine pounds.  I feel like she is no longer my newborn, but a real baby now.
This week was a very special week for us.  My little sister had her daughter, Kolbie Elaine Koch, on Wednesday evening.  I have a brand new niece, and Eleanor has a new baby cousin.  We couldn't be more excited.  Diana was so strong through labor and I am so proud of her as a new mom already.  I cannot wait to see them in just two days!

In other news this week, Eleanor is outgrowing many of her outfits.  Further proof that she is no longer a newborn.  She has been wearing 0-3 month pants for sometime, but now the onesies fit her too.  It makes me a bit sad to see her outgrow all these cute outfits, but it couldn't be better timing.  Now we can pack them all up and take them to Kolbie.
Last week Eleanor became very fussy but this week we have seen a great improvement.  Evenings can still be rough, but I think that is related to our late bedtime we have adopted.  She might be old enough to start working on a schedule and I think we could all benefit from an earlier bedtime.  Some nights it is close to 11pm when we finally get to sleep and everyone is suffering!  Of course this week we head out of town, so the schedule and early bedtime might have to wait until the new year!
Eleanor went to her first babysitter's this weekend and it went so well!  So great, in fact, I decided to take an evening "off" to do some normal Tanya activities.  So I celebrated my 6-week old baby last night by leaving her with her dad, and going to the gym.  I attended Holly's Total Strength class.  I jumped right back into fitness two feet first...her class is brutal!  My legs and arms were shaking by the time I left but it felt wonderful to break a sweat and do something just for me.  Later in the evening I met up with our 5k race committee for a debriefing at one of our favorite restaurants, Joel's.  I enjoyed half a glass of wine and good company!  In between the gym and dinner, I of course had to run home, shower, pump, and love on my baby girl.  So it wasn't completely a "free" evening, but it certainly was rejuvenating. 
So six weeks down...I can't believe we have made it this far!  Days with an infant can be very challenging in general, but they are so rewarding and always worth it!  Happy 6-week birthday Eleanor!

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