Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Weeks

The blog has become all baby all the time.  I wonder if anyone is still sticking around in hopes of more food posts...maybe someday.  Right now I am still riding the baby high, although this will be the last weekly post.  Then I suppose I will cut back to monthly.  But she will likely find her way into every single post anyhow.

So this week was marked by a few new milestones, both for baby and me.  I ventured out on my very first post-baby run.  It wasn't easy but it felt so good.  I covered nearly 1.5 miles and kept a steady pace under ten minutes.  It was fun, but I think I may wait until 6 weeks to venture out again.  I could tell everything wasn't quite back to where it should be. 

Of particular note are my abs.  Wow! That hurt.  I've never felt my abs burn so much from a short and simple run before.  Although I never had super awesome abs to begin with, they must have held some strength.  Instead of running and high intensity cardio, I think I will focus on strength for the next two weeks.  Let the momma-baby workouts begin!  I decided that when Eleanor is doing tummy time, I will too.  That means crunches, planks and pushups.  And I intend to get out on plenty of stroller or Moby wrap walks with Eleanor as well.  That will have to suffice for now. 
Ok, enough about me...how is Eleanor growing?
I love her chunky cheeks and big eyes.
New this week is her increased grip.  She will hold on to my fingers and will even hold her rattle.  My favorite is when she will hold on to my shirt while I'm nursing her.  It makes me feel even more connected. 
We made it out of the house A LOT this week.  My anxiety about leaving the house has greatly decreased.  I forced us out of the house on Wednesday when everything was crumbling around us (two blowouts, cluster feeding, lots of fussiness) and we ended up having a great time.  And now we are out of the house all the time.  I am very comfortable nursing, and I breastfeed her just about anywhere and everywhere.  I currently am not using our nursing cover, I just use a blanket.  But as she gets bigger I know that cover will come in very handy. 

My sleep anxiety has also decreased as Eleanor has proven again and again that she is a tremendous sleeper.  She is still sticking to the routine I mentioned last week.  Sometimes we pull her into bed with us when she is having trouble in the bassinet, but it isn't very often and isn't causing any sleep deprivation.  I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised.  I have heard horror stories from delirious moms and I feel very lucky.  I can't say that there has been a single day that I have felt overwhelmingly tired. 
This week something very exciting happened.  I had my mom and sister and nephew in town and used the extra hands to separate myself from mommyhood just a bit.  The first night they were in town we went to Christmas in Davidson.  Because we had so many people, we needed to take two cars.  I jumped in mom's car while Alex drove our jeep.  This is the first time Eleanor has been in a car without me!  And twice yesterday I ran out on errands and left her with my mom.  The first was to pick up Alex from school and then the two of us enjoyed a baby-less visit to Target.  The second trip was to help the Girls on the Run board load our 5k supplies.  I just ran out on my own to meet them. 
 At first it was really difficult to leave her, but I became more and more comfortable with each time.  Between the run yesterday and my solo trips out of the house, I am feeling more and more like myself.  I am slowly realizing I can be mom and also be Tanya.  I felt very guilty leaving her, but knowing she was with people who love her so much made me feel better.  It makes me pretty excited for a potential future date night with Alex sometime.  Just the two of us. 
It was a busy and monumental week for us.  This week is exciting because Eleanor will be one month old on Thursday.  Then another weekend with Alex and one more week before our big road trip.  Any tips for traveling with a baby?
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