Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIAW- Trying to eat "gas" free

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

I ranted about elimination diets to help my baby with her gas yesterday, and while I'm not sure it is avoiding the foods or just that I simply got it all off my chest, but she already seems better.  But yesterday I started the day off with good intentions to avoid some of the foods that in my book, are some of the worst.  So breakfast started with Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal from Kath's blog.
Topped with Craisins, almond butter, a sliced banana and pumpkin dip.  (By the way that pumpkin dip does not belong in breakfast!  It is leftover from the cookie party and I just couldn't help myself.  Ingredients include pumpkin puree, Cool Whip, and a package of instant vanilla pudding mix.  I don't think there is anything gluten free or vegan about that recipe!  But it is so good!)

After breakfast Eleanor and I busted out some housework while she was strapped in the Moby.  I ate an early lunch since we had afternoon plans, and because I was simply starving!
A large spinach salad topped with baby carrots and baked tofu with a sweet potato on the side.  All topped with Trader Joe's Peanut Dressing (so good!).  I also had a delicious pear on the side.  

After lunch we headed out to meet my friend Jess and her cutey patootie (yup, I just wrote that) Cameron.  He is so adorable!  We walked and talked together for over an hour.  It was refreshing to be outside and to get some decent exercise.

Before I knew it, our afternoon was up and it was time to pick up Alex from school.  We had just an hour at home before we headed back out for the evening.  Just enough to grab a couple leftover cookies from Saturday's party.
Our busy day kept going as we rushed out the door to make it to the Girls on the Run Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  This one was the first one I have been to and not been "in charge." It was refreshing to just show up and eat and enjoy!
Alex and Eleanor came as well so we could show off our happy new family!  We grabbed a plate, and then another.  I filled up on salad greens with egg, mushrooms, carrots, Craisins and vinegar dressing.  On the side I added some hummus to scoop up with my veggies.
That was my second plate-ful.  On the salad bar line I avoided the broccoli and cucumbers like the plague!  After dinner I stole nibbles off Alex's piece of cake, but avoided it a whole piece of my own since technically I had already had my "dessert" before dinner (the cookies).   When we arrived home, however, my body was telling it me it was missing dessert so I quenched the craving with a rice cake smothered in peanut butter.
Thoughts on food:

Breastfeeding confuses my appetite.  I feel hungry All.The.Time.  I could put away gobs of food right now.  While I know that I need to fulfill my calorie needs (and if I'm hungry, usually I need to eat) I also know that I can't fulfill those needs with crap.  And around this time of the year it is difficult to eat healthy when the treats are everywhere.  Right now I am not watching how much I eat at all, but what I am eating.  As long as I'm stuffing my face with plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats, I don't mind that I am eating so much.  By limiting myself to just one dessert or treat a day I think I can keep a healthy balance so I don't go out of control at special meals and parties. 

Additionally, I am trying to watch what I eat to keep Eleanor healthy as well, not just me.  After yesterday's post I am planning to stick to these rules:
  • No dairy (since Alex is allergic)
  • No citrus (since Alex is allergic)
  • No gluten
  • No wine...except for really special occasions like Christmas dinner or New Year's Eve...and even then I'll only two half glasses (get that, it makes me feel like I can drink two glasses!)
  • No peanuts and almonds
For now I'm keeping other nuts in my diet.  We suspect the almonds might be contributing to Eleanor's rash since I just started eating almonds and almond butter last week when her rash emerged.  For now we are going to eliminate them.  I am also keeping soy in my diet unless we begin to suspect something...but only natural sources of soy, not overly processed soy.  I will eat tofu, tempeh and soy beans.  Lastly I am sticking with my eggs.  I have been eating eggs since she was born and she didn't have a problem with them before, and I just really enjoy them. 

With these guidelines in place we will try too keep both Eleanor and me happy and healthy.  In yesterday's eats listed above I had my share of gluten, almonds and peanuts.  Since I couldn't get to the store yesterday I dealt with what I had.  I can't starve either you know! Hopefully we will get to the store today and pick up some gluten free, peanut free and almond free treats!

And because WIAW is celebrating healthy holiday recipes I thought I would share one of my favorites today!  Click through the photo for a link to the recipe:

Healthy Apple Pie

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