Monday, October 8, 2012

Four is the magic number

"Good morning 4am! So nice to see you again!" were not the pretty thoughts of my head as I tossed and turned, willing myself back to sleep.  Although wide awake, I convinced myself to stay in bed and at least "rest."  That worked well until close to five.  I turned over to nudge Alex awake and he commented how wide-awake I seemed.  "Yeah, awesome," was my sarcastic reply.

Well an early morning made for a productive one.  Laundry was started at five and pumpkin pancakes were in the pan.  Alex obligingly woke up with me and I in turn made him a large pot of strong coffee.  Although now at seven I am wishing I was back in bed, I have to say it is pretty nice to have my last load of the day in the dryer and dinner even started in the crock pot. 

Not so bad.

I hear constantly that this is "God's way of preparing us for a new baby." I think, baloney! Honestly, it should be that the months before birth, pregnant ladies get to experience the best sleep of their life.  However, I do feel more prepared to function in the middle of the night after all these wake-ups.

Speaking of preparing for baby, Alex and I had a very busy weekend.  We canceled our fun concert plans on Saturday to tackle a few items from our to-do list.  High on that list, and the single item stressing me out the most, was hanging wall paper in the nursery.  Here's a sneak peak:
I plan to do a full post once the nursery is complete, but I just couldn't help sharing!  I love how it turned out.  We only papered one wall, but it took us several hours on Saturday.  We also tackled several other projects around the house including cleaning, organizing and painting the garage. 

Here are a few more photos:
These don't show the nursery all too well, but you can see how bright and cheery it is, and how bright and cheery my handsome husband is!  He was excited to open all the gifts from the baby shower yesterday. 
I love all the gifts we received; this handmade quilt from my best friend Brandy is so darling!  We just love it! Alex and I were both overjoyed with all the gifts from the shower yesterday! Our friends are so amazing!  I need to upload the photos and then I will post more soon!

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