Thursday, October 18, 2012


Once upon a time I joined a sorority.  I'm not sure it was called initiation, but that is what we went through to join.  I remember being blind folded and sitting in dark rooms, and not too much more.  I remember it being a really fun and exciting experience and feeling anxious to be "in the know."

Well there is a new club I am about to join, motherhood.  And birth will be my initiation.  While comparing these two rituals seems absurd, in many ways my excitement is the same.  I can recall parts of joining a sorority to be uncomfortable.  Meeting new people, being a pledge, stepping outside my comfort zone. 

I know birth will be very uncomfortable as well.  Feeling contractions for the first time and then for many more times after; the transition and feeling like I will never be able to do this.  And finally, the actual birth of my daughter.  Yup, sounds pretty uncomfortable.

Despite the fear of the unknown and pain, I am so anxious and excited to experience child birth.  I am excited to be "in the know."  To join a new club, to be a mother.

On Sunday evening my friend Julie invited me and a few other experienced mommas over.  After hearing my birth plans on the blog she was excited to share her own wonderful experiences with me.  So we invited a couple others to join our conversation and had a pow-wow.

To some, sharing such personal experiences may seem odd.  However, since becoming pregnant I have been so interested in hearing birth stories and am lucky to have such amazing friends who are just as eager to share.  When we met I got to hear all the beautiful and yes, even gory, details about child birth.  All of the births were unique in their own way.  Each of them had different experiences, even from one child to the next.  The really amazing part of talking with them, is they all remember child birth with fondness and a since of pride, not the usual pain and suffering that is preached in our culture.  I was encouraged and inspired by them.

We agreed that after Eleanor makes her appearance that we will reunite so I can share my story.  And we would even invite another friend who is pregnant to share with her.  I think this is such a wonderful idea.  I would encourage all other women to be as open with their experience.  It really is such an amazing time to be able to share in others' stories.  I hope I can encourage and inspire someone, someday as much as they encouraged me!

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