Tuesday, October 16, 2012

8 months! {Rock and Read giveaway}

And just like that we have reached another major milestone! Yup, today is October 16th, and we know what that means!
I vowed early on to not become overly anxious toward the end of this pregnancy.  I don't want to become 2 weeks overdue and obsessively complaining about "getting this baby out!" In fact, I changed my own due date just to keep myself sane.  Yes, if you are confused why October 16th makes me 8 months pregnant, it's because you believe my due date really is Thanksgiving.  Turns out, it actually is November 16th.  Thanksgiving is my own fabrication to make me think that I have longer to go than I really do.  However, my mental games aren't working on me.  As we near the tail end of this pregnancy, I am definitely becoming anxious.  I am already talking about being "full term" in just a week and a half.  Full term is considered 37 weeks and while I would be excited to have baby girl here anytime soon, I know that a healthy baby is best baked until at least 40 weeks!

So we wait.  And we prepare.  And we wait.  Eight months down, one to go!  If you could go back to 8 months pregnant with your very first bebe, what would you do differently?  What would you change?  How would you embrace the last month before you became a permanent mother?

Of course I have my Fall Bucket List.  And we have our Baby To-Do List.  All things to keep us busy for the next 30+ days.  I am getting plenty of sleep (as much as you can when you wake 4 times a night to pee!) and catching up on tons of work.  I enjoy napping during the day, long walks by myself and running to the store whenever I feel like it.  Alex and I are enjoying plenty of time together, and plenty of time out with friends.  So I believe I am taking full advantage of having two free hands at all times.  But is there anything I'm forgetting?

To help celebrate this huge milestone I have the privilege of giving away an entry into the upcoming Rock and Read 5k on November 3rd.  I, unfortunately, will not be running this year.  But I had the opportunity to run it last year with my best friend Shannon and a few of my blog buddies.
 Here are some 5k highlights:
  • Music at every mile of the race including live jazz at the finish line.  We have a performance from the Teen All Stars band from the Jazz Arts Initiative.
  • A festival atmosphere at the finish line including all kinds of great food and oh yeah mimosas.
  • Dri-fit t-shirts which will be some tremendous electric color TBD.
  • Rufus from the Bobcats and Chubby from the Checkers.
  • All proceeds benefit book collections for the library.
I'm sorry, did you catch that part about mimosas?  Yup, they got them!

So all you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog.  It can be about anything!  I will pick one winner by Friday, October 19th.  Good luck!

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