Friday, May 25, 2012

Fake it till you make it!

Today me and Baby K are 15 weeks along.  For 15 long weeks this child has already begun to torture his momma.  And for those 15 weeks I let everyone know about it. 

Friendly person: "How are you feeling?"
Grumpy me: "Sucky!!"
Friendly person #2: "Are you feeling any better?"
Me: "Yeah Right!"

So that's how it's been for almost 4 months!  Wow.  Someone needs an attitude adjustment. 

This very conversation was had with a dear friend of mine yesterday.  For weeks I have been asking the question of how to embrace this life change without sarcasm, fear, anger, shock and hurt.  I am not even sure why all these emotions came cramming into my life the minute I found out I was pregnant.  But rarely am I excited or overjoyed.  My poor child will come out already thinking his momma doesn't love him. 

Clearly that will not be the case.  But how can I love this child even before he/she really is a fully formed baby?  How can I choose a better attitude for the next 25 weeks?  Why am I experiencing these emotions? 

Fake it till you make it! right?

So for the next 25 weeks you will hear nothing but pleasantries from my mouth (unless you fall under the category of Melisa, Brandy, Shannon or Elizabeth-- you're forewarned).  It may not be the truth, but I'm going to try this excitement thing on for size, and who knows...maybe once I experience it I may even believe it. 

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