Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIAW: My day with Eleanor

It has been a full nine months since I have posted in What I Ate Wednesday.  I am so shocked at how my hormones really changed so much about me over the past year.  For instance, I could not stand to look at veggie burgers, and yet I scarfed one down yesterday.  Already, my appetite has entirely changed and healthy foods sound wonderful.  I feel great, considering I just delivered Eleanor a week ago.  Healthful foods and as much sleep as possible are to thank.
Yesterday was my first day with just Eleanor.  Alex headed to work in the morning, and I got around to figuring out this mom thing.  I don't want to jinx things, but Eleanor is a pretty easy baby.  She pretty much just eats and sleeps, and occasionally we get a few minutes of awake play time.

Our morning started at 8:30am when she woke up to eat breakfast.  After feeding her, I laid her down in the bassinet to sleep while I made the bed and took a quick shower.  Yup, I even got a shower yesterday!  She was still fast asleep when I was done so I wrapped her up in the Moby wrap before heading downstairs to fix breakfast.
Meals are a bit later than usual as everything takes much longer than it used to.  Around 10am I toasted two Kashi Blueberry muffins and topped them with melty sunflower seed butter and coconut butter.  On the side I whipped up a quick fruit salad and an iced decaf coffee.

Our morning was pretty smooth.  Eleanor snoozed on my chest until close to 11:30, while I caught up on some emails and photo editing.  It is amazing how many photos you can take in just 7 days!  She chowed down on some lunch, we had a few diaper changes, chatted with Alex on Skype, and then finally it was my turn to eat.
 I threw together a quick lunch of leftover chopped salad, a veggie burger topped with BBQ sauce, Cauliflower mashed "potatoes" and a cup of orange juice.  Of course the minute I sat down to eat, Eleanor was hungry too.  After a quick snack for Eleanor, I finally got around to eating my lunch around 2.

In the afternoon we discovered that her cloth diapers do in fact fit with her umbilical cord still in place.  I believe I was just using it as an excuse to avoid the laundry last week.  I think it is acceptable considering we had lots of adjustments!  So we pulled out our stash of cloth diapers and wipes, placing them in convenient locations throughout the house.  No excuses now. 
The rest of the afternoon was pretty laid back but busy.  We skyped Oma.
Wrote thank you cards during one particularly long nap.
And before you know it Alex was home. 
And I had a free hand to eat this quick snack:
Apples with Sunflower Seed Butter.

Dinner was spent with the our fellowship group.  We ventured out in the chilly evening air to the Price's house.  Our fellowship group consists of 4 or 5 families and we were the only ones without kids.  We have two sets of twin boys that are near one year olds, and then lots of other children.  With the addition of Eleanor it felt like our group was complete. 

Unfortunately there was lots of baby holding, wine sipping, and eating with one hand going on, so we didn't catch any photos of dinner.  But I'll assure you it was delicious.  Alex threw together another chopped salad from us, Elizabeth brought delicious sauteed veggies and Shannon provided High Protein Garlic Mashed Potatoes with gravy.  We also had lots of fruit and apple cobbler.  Sorry there are no photos, rookie mom mistake. 

One more detail from yesterday I just can't leave out, even though it has nothing to do with food.  We arrived home last night to a fun package on our doorstep.
The absolute best gift ever!  Now Eleanor will be sporting some great gear for Monday night football next week.  Do you think we would be bad parents if we brought her to the bar?

Overall, it was the best first day in my new role as Stay At Home Mom.  I am so blessed to get to spend my days with Eleanor.  She is the perfect companion.  I love being a mom!

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