Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Sixth

I would like to apologize for the photo bomb of a week we are having over here at Vegan Faith...but I'm really not sorry.  I may be biased but my baby girl is adorable.  So we'll just let the photos keep on rolling.

Today is a big day!  Because one month ago today my little girl was born.  We had a long journey to bring her here.  By this time on that day we weren't even close.  But what she took out of me that day, she has more than made up for since by being such a lovely baby.  I honestly can't get enough of her.
She is funny, and serious, and makes the best faces.  She has all these quirks that she takes after from me, and she just makes me deliriously happy.  Every day spent with Eleanor is a blessing. 
Her many funny quirks:
  • The stink eye- sometimes when I go to open my eyes, one always stays closed.  Unfortunately, but really funny, Eleanor gets that from me.
  • The wrinkly forehead- yup, that she gets from me
  • The snorting
  • The duck face- sometimes I will just sit around with my lips pursed out, and Eleanor does that too!  
Yup, in many ways she is definitely her momma's baby.  But in others she is all her daddy.  I think she gets her calm, laid-back ways from him.  She is sweet and gentle and I'm pretty sure that is all Alex.
I mentioned a few of her milestones earlier in the week but she continues to change and amaze me every day.  On Tuesday I could put her rattle in her hand and she would hold it for a second or two and unknowingly shake it around.  But just this morning during a diaper change, she reached back behind her head and grabbed it (probably on accident) and then held it and played with it for the duration of her diaper change!  I am so proud of this little girl!

Yup, she's a rock star! 

So at One Month here are some stats about Eleanor:
  • She is over eight pounds but we don't have an exact number
  • And is at least 20.5 inches long
  • She is fed only breast milk and is eating like a champ!
  • Currently she is only waking up twice at night, once after a 4 hour stretch, then after a 3 hour stretch, then usually we get about 2 more hours and are up for the day.
  • Her naps are sporadic, sometimes really long, sometimes really short
  • She loves the Moby Wrap--it is the key for getting her to nap for a long time
  • She gets out of the house at least once a day (per mommy's request)
  • and can grab and hold her rattle, no interest in any other toys
  • She loves Dave always quiets her in the car
  • She has been given a pacifier just once and she enjoyed it quite tremendously
  • And she absolutely cannot wait for the arrival of her cousin...any day now!
Please hurry baby Kolbie!

The first month of Eleanor's life was marked by many guests and visitors.  She loved getting to meet many of her family members, her church family and so many of our friends.  She hasn't traveled very far yet, the furthest being Winston-Salem, but all that will change in the next month as we take her on her first roadtrip.  She will also become quite the socialite soon with so many holiday parties, but this month we were homebodies.  Our only adventures included trips to the movie or grocery store. 
It has been quite the whirlwind of a month.  It has gone so quickly, yet slow all at the same time.  Time is sort of warped at the moment.  I am anxious to see how she continues to grow and develop but I want her to stay small all at the same time.  Grow she must.  So this blog will be my way of freezing time.  Thanks for indulging me!
Love her!

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