Friday, May 4, 2012



Where was I? Oh right, somewhere between nursing migraines, sleeping all day, and puking when my meds wouldn't work.  Isn't it a good thing I left out all the gory details of my last 8 weeks?

Today is special.  Today I'm 12 weeks.  Today I am optimistic that I am nearing the light at the end of the tunnel.  In front of me is a beautiful oasis of energy and appetites and happiness.  Maybe even a bit of joy.

I am not a pleasant pregnant person.  That is established.  Ask my husband.  Our oven is currently residing in it's new home in the garage if that helps give you a visual.  It did not end up there during a peaceful discussion about the smell of Brussels Sprouts.  It involved Brussels Sprouts, but there was nothing peaceful about it.

So hello THIRD MONTH! And hello SECOND TRIMESTER! With you may you bring less nausea, less aversions, and more cheer!

In other celebration is Alex's birthday week!
His birthday is on Cinco De Mayo! Best birthday ever.  However, we have lots of plans on Saturday, so we had birthday dinner early.  Last night we dined at Brickhouse and it was wonderful.  I think the comment was even made that a week ago that could have never happened!  This week, things are looking up for me!  And for us!

Love you Alex!

If you compare his kid pics with mine from last week...I would say we are going to have some pretty good looking lads and lasses on our hands, eh?

Happy Weekend to you, Happy Birthday to Alex, and Happy (almost) 2nd Trimester to me!

P.S.  Thank you to my dearest Amber and for your comment earlier this week.  You brought tears to my eyes and gave me the inspiration to post today!

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