Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturday for the win

Quite the day we had here on Saturday.  It was slightly random, but felt  I mean that as normal "Alex and Tanya"-before baby, and yet all along on Saturday we had Eleanor and even Penny with us.  It makes me feel really amazing knowing that we are still us, just a better version of us now.  Get what I'm saying?  Well on to the fun.

First Friday Evening:
Matthew singing so pretty at HEbrews.  We only lasted until about 9pm when I was finally too tired to stay out any later.  Eleanor, on the other hand, had no problem being out past her bedtime.
Then Saturday morning Alex headed off to a class at the church while I stayed behind with the babe and pup, packing up our things and visiting with a dear friend.  Once Alex was home we joined up with Pat and Carrie to head to the mountains for a fun getaway.
Our plans were foiled by a winter weather advisory however.  Maybe that is the one big difference between us now versus then (before baby).  Trying to make it up a mountain in a snow storm seems a little less tempting with our precious cargo.
 We made the best of the afternoon by stopping for a wine tasting at Raffaldini.
Drinking in the afternoon always inhibits common sense and so clearly eating at the No. 1 China Buffet was high on the to-do list after the tastings.  Eleanor thought our decision was so funny she decided to let out a little laugh for the occasion.  Yup, her very first laugh was directed at Pat and Carrie sitting across from us at the Chinese Buffet.  Priceless.
Our evening wrapped with more wine (clearly) and even a little champagne and Katan.  Katan is my new favorite game; probably only because I have won the last two times we played with Pat and Carrie.  Typically I'm not a game person.  And typically I never win.  Which is why it took me a whole extra turn and Carrie pointing it out, before I even realized I had won.  Maybe the wine had something to do with that!
So two nights in a row we stayed out past Eleanor's bedtime and you know what?  Nothing happened.  The world didn't fall apart and the sky didn't collapse.  We are all still alive.  And she never missed a wink of sleep.  I will certainly be sad when she is too old to sleep anywhere in her car seat.

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