Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just some housekeeping things

I typically like to write posts based on topics, but lately my brain just doesn't work that way.  I sat down yesterday to write and couldn't come up with anything.  Nothing was on the brain...I was just functioning.  So I didn't write at all.  At the risk of going another day without writing, I thought I would just sit down and type out some things happening as of late.  There's not much, but here's a catch up on my life:

1.  Girls on the Run has me stressed.  

It isn't so much that the job is particularly stressful, it is just the responsibility of running a small non-profit as the very sole employee.  I have a great group of board members that support and encourage me.  However, the responsibility weighs heavily on my shoulders, especially now as I am learning how to balance being a Work-At-Home-Mom.  To add to the stress, our numbers have dipped this season and it has me concerned if I am doing something different or wrong.  It is quite possible that it is a natural ebb and flow of the organization, but I want to make sure I am still giving 100% even with Eleanor around.

Registration wraps at the end of this week and I keep promising to everyone around me that I will find a routine and settle down as soon as it is all over.  I'm not sure if that is true, or if this is the shape life is going to take.  Either way, I need to find a happy balance between work and home so that I don't take out my stress on those I love (ah-hem, Alex). 

2.  I am loving my new bible study at Morning Grace.

Morning Grace is this fabulous group of women that meet in the mornings once a week.  We start with praise and worship and usually a fun speaker on some random topic.  Then we break down into small groups to do our individual studies.  It is all free, including the childcare for two hours while I get to study God's Word.  Right now I am attending The Truth Project study and loving every minute of it.  Unfortunately there isn't much time for small group discussion because it is largely video based and it takes up the majority of our class time, but the video is outstanding and I would argue that it is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about their faith.  It is classified as a "worldviews" study, referring to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which a Christian interprets the world and interacts with it.  I am constantly convicted by the set of lies that I buy into simply because it is what our society approves as normal.  It has me constantly asking the question, what lie is causing me to act or react this way?  What truth can I find in the bible to help change my perception, mood, attitude, etc?  It is a great study full of hard truths that are changing the way I view the world and more importantly, how I react to it. 

3.  Mom's Group

I am in the process of forming a Mom's Group.  I started with the idea when I was looking for activities for me and Eleanor.  I made a facebook group and invited all my friends, and then planned a playdate.  Then everyone bailed.  (Except Melisa, thanks for showing up!)  I quickly decided that wasn't going to work and came up with a new and even better plan.

We have had an influx of young families with young babies at church in the last couple months.  Alex and I have quickly made friends with many of them and I am anxious to get to know them all better.  Hence my latest project, a mom's group for our church.  Next week I am meeting with the elders to make sure we can use the space at the church and to put info into the bulletin and then I am going to plan a play date for us sometime in early March.  I am so excited to get this group of women together, and even more excited to invite other friends outside the church to join in.  Benefits of doing it at the church: we already have a nursery with lots of toys to occupy the tots, and I don't have to clean my house!  (Let me know if you are interested in joining and I'll send you an invite!)

4.  Pretty Penny

So, yes, I am crazy and yes I knew it would be hard, but yes, I am still happy we got the pup.  She is a fast learner, but can also be very defiant.  What an experience it is to train a puppy!  It is a certain test of patience, like when she refuses to come to you when you call "Penny Come" twenty times and you know she knows to come but is just not coming.  Oooh, that one really creeps on my nerves.  But I am learning and so is she.  And the "girls" are starting to notice each other and even "play" a little.  Too cute!
 5.  Today is Eleanor's Three-Month Birthday!  But more on that later.

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