Monday, October 8, 2012

Showered with Love

My best friends, Melisa and Jill, hosted a baby shower for me on Sunday.  While the whole weekend was busy and fun, this was certainly the highlight for me!
Those are my beautiful hosts above, pictured with me.  Clearly we were having a great time!

As far as I can gather, Melis was in charge of decorations, the cake and fun baby shower games/quizzes.  Jill was in charge of snacks and crafts and party favors (and of course hosting at her house.)  I love how they worked together to create the perfect afternoon for me and all our friends.
As the title suggests, I was absolutely showered with love and gifts.  Eleanor has no idea just how lucky she is!  In addition to all the presents we took home, I also received a bunch of these beautiful handmade bows that everyone made.
I took home some of those cookies and a bottle of pink nail polish as well (so did the other guests), and as can be expected, I have already eaten my cookie and painted my nails!
The girls worked hard on the bows and they turned out so cute.  Now we just need Eleanor to come out with a full head of hair so I can start decorating her immediately!
We sat out on the screened-in porch, and while the weather turned drastically today and was a bit cool, I was so comfortable.  Sure, the other girls had blankets and jackets, but this pregnant lady has been awful hot lately and I thought it was just perfect.

It was such a perfect afternoon with many of my dearest friends!  Thank you so much Jill and Melisa for hosting, and thank you to all my friends for the many gifts, well wishes, and wonderful conversation!

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