Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The day we found out...

 How did you first find out you were pregnant?  Were you trying, and waiting anxiously each month for a sign?  Or was it a complete surprise and the pregnancy symptoms caught you off guard?  For me, I had never met a piece of food that I didn't entirely enjoy.  When my favorite foods started to disgust me, I knew something was wrong.

Alex and I were well aware of our potential to get pregnant.  While the chances were slim, we weren't using any precautions (TMI?).  So when apples and sweet potatoes no longer sounded good, I knew something was up. 

My initial reaction to the test was utter disbelief and shock.  "Where are the instructions!?" I demanded.  "Positive means negative and negative means positive, right?!"  I commanded Alex to take a look for himself to make sure I wasn't inventing lines that didn't really exist.  Three more tests later and it was decided...we sure were pregnant.

We were at first filled with complete joy.  We had questioned if this would ever be a possibility for us.  We had agreed back in November to wait another full year, but when you are never really sure if you can get pregnant, using birth control seems kinda silly.  So we threw caution to the wind and have been nothing but excited by the outcome.  Ok, well I have been other things but excited, but I know Alex sure is elated.  I try to go off of what he is feeling, because my emotions are rather questionable these days!

We wasted no time naming our baby.  We have had names picked out since the summer we met.  We just agreed on what we liked so much and we have stuck with our names since.  If it's a girl it's Eleanor Margaret and our little boy would be Henry David.  Our other boy name is Jackson Forbes.  Just in case twins surprise us!  And our creative use of girl names will leave us with Eleanor and Margaret for twin girls.  No middle names.  Although the ultrasound technician assured us there is just one baby in my belly, I have my doubts.  Elizabeth told me that a large percentage of twins aren't discovered until after 20 weeks.  No doubt it could be possible.

We found out about the pregnancy on St. Patty's Day.  Luckily I had already given up drinking in March for a fast.  We had spent all day in Charlotte people watching and bar hopping and on our way home we stopped by the store.  And the rest is history. 

We celebrated that night with a dinner at Flat Iron Kitchen.  It may have been the last meal I really enjoyed. 

Now we are just over 8 weeks along and due on November 16.  And if the second trimester doesn't hurry up and get here, I may not make it until my due date!

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