Tuesday, October 9, 2012


And just when you think all the gift-giving is over...there is one more surprise.
I showed up to my board meeting for Girls on the Run last night and they had put together a fun shower to honor Eleanor (our future GOTR mascot!)  Carrie made delicious cupcakes and there were snacks and these wonderful peanut butter bars!
And of course gifts! It was such a sweet time and I feel so blessed to have the working relationships I do!

Of course then we got down to business and it was time to talk budget.  It can't always be all fun, you know!

Today is a laundry day of sorts.  I know it isn't Monday...but I'm tackling the stash of cloth diapers, stripping them in super hot water.  If we thought our water and electric bills were insane last month...wait till I make it through all these loads!
There are many different theories and ideas on stripping cloth diapers.  Mine may not even need to be stripped at this point, but I am doing it so we will have a fresh start.  All of our diapers are used and stripping them takes away any detergent build up they may have.  It probably also disinfects them really well.  I am simply washing my diapers 3 or 4 times each in super, super hot water (no detergent).  I turned our water heater all the way up for this project.  (I hope I remember to turn it back down so I don't scald myself while doing dishes!)  I have read you can also use blue Dawn dish detergent, just a little bit, in each load of diapers to strip them of residue.  I don't have Dawn, so I'm just doing the hot water treatment.  Other suggestions include bleaching or using vinegar.  I may try vinegar later on, but right now just hot water.

Just for fun I decided to look back at last year's blog posts to see what I was doing then (versus washing diapers now!)  Exactly one year ago today I was hosting Beertoberfest.  Oh what I would give for a pumpkin beer today!  All the same, we are planning to host a really fun party for our friends this weekend...so I'm not a completely changed woman.  Not yet anyway!

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