Friday, February 8, 2013


So before we get into it, let me tell you a funny story.

Wednesday afternoon I had to pick up Alex early from work so we could fill out some insurance paperwork.  Since we had the family out already, and it was an early afternoon for us, we decided to do a little car shopping.  We plan to buy a new car sometime this summer, but wanted to get a feel for what we liked and what type of car is feasible for our growing family.

Our first stop was to Black Pre-Owned Superstore.
Take a good long look at that parking lot.  What is right there in the middle?  I'm not talking about the beautiful Jeeps.  I'm talking about that big cement pole.  Very clear to see, right?

So we test out several different models.  Our test basically consists of taking the car seat and sticking it in the backseat to see if there is any leg room leftover.  In most compact cars that answer is unfortunately no.

We are done, and I am driving and heading out when I realize I couldn't get out the way I thought.  I begin to back up.  Alex and I are talking and clearly I'm not paying any attention.


Oh Sh*t!  For sure I have just backed into a brand new car.  My head is reeling.  I guess I'm going to buy whatever kind of car I just smashed, I think.  Alex's look was priceless.  I think a mix between I'm going to kill you, I can't believe you just did that, and you are such an idiot.

We both whip around in an instant and the biggest sigh of relief escaped my body.  It is just a pole!  It is just a pole!  Who cares about my Jeep, at least I didn't total the Jeep and a new car all in one foul swoop!

An even bigger sigh of relief escaped me when Alex surveyed the damage and found none.  That's right, virtually no damage.  Apparently I managed to drive UP the pole and the tire on the back of the Jeep acted as a buoy to any potential damage.  I bent our license plate in half and that was all.

God's angels smiled down on me Wednesday afternoon.  That is for sure! 

So what was it I was really going to write about today?  I think something about how overwhelmed I feel and how much I hate leaving Eleanor.  Yeah, but that pretty much sums it up.  It has been a long week and I am ready for a break.  My weekend doesn't start until Sunday and I really just can't wait.  Being away from Eleanor all day has been really hard for me this week, as I am sure it is for many moms. 

Have a happy Friday friends!  It's almost the weekend!

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