Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hump Day

Lately I have been quite all over the place: from Mean Girls, to Weight Loss, to my personal Faith Journey.  I feel like I have been dropping one big bomb after another.  So today let's keep it a little lighter for hump day. 

Usually on Mondays I recap my entire weekend, reliving all the fun.  We skipped over that this week, so here are just some highlights:

On Saturday we made the most of the beautiful weather and took the family for a hike.
Eleanor cozied up in the Ergo and slept most of the way.
Later, we swung by the winery to do a quick tasting and enjoy a glass in the fresh outdoors.  It was the perfect Saturday, followed up by a spontaneous dinner out for onion rings and veggie burgers.
I don't know why I even recap Sundays, it is always the usual: church, and this week we did some grocery shopping.  A lovely weekend indeed.

Today Alex had a half-day at school before teacher meetings so I brought Eleanor up to his work for the very first time.
The timing was perfect.  That happy place between nursing and nap time.  She smiled and cooed for all the teachers, counselors and staff.  We received so many compliments.  It was fun to show her off.  Look at that proud daddy face on Alex!

And now we are home relaxing on this rainy, dreary day.  Tonight is Girl's Night at my house.  Come if you want to drink some wine and eat some Valentine's chocolates.  And tomorrow is the big V-day.  Any plans?  Do you remember Date Mornings from way back when?  Alex and I have one planned for tomorrow morning to celebrate.  Whether we actually pull ourselves out of slumber will be another story!  This year is going to be low key.  No babysitters, no gifts.  Just our little family and time together. 

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