Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ode to the Pose

Diana and I go way, way back.  She has known me longer than anyone else in the world, other than my parents and perhaps my big sister.  She has probably spent more time with me than anyone else in the world as well. 

You may remember she recently made a 12 hour round trip drive to visit me for one night in Indy.  She is a good sister! 

It is only obvious then that I would make a similar drive for her, right?  Well, I'm staying longer than a night, but the time on the road will be pretty equivalent.  Since we last saw my sister Diana, she has moved with her husband to Nashville.  This makes me quite happy because now she is 5 hours closer to me than before.  Much more doable for a weekend visit.  She is also smack-dab in the middle between the rest of my family and me, making for a perfect pit-stop should I ever drive to Missouri.

To welcome her into her new home, and help her explore Nashville, Forbes and I are taking the weekend to hang out with Diana and Kendall.  I am excited for all the sister time and I know Forbes is excited for some serious gaming (him and Kendall have a shared interest in video games!)

Along with quality time with my family, I am excited to experience all Nashville has to offer.  There will certainly be a night out on the town in my future, lots of good eats, and many, many photos to share with you soon.  While you are waiting and anticipating the recaps of my amazing Nashville adventure, I leave you with some memories from my past.  You may see a common theme throughout these photos...we call it the Sister Pose.  I'm sure there will be many more photos like these coming soon...stay tuned!
Why do we insist on sticking our cheeks together?
Will had to get in on the sister pose action!
That is not a cigarette in my hand...I swear! (Circa worries, that would never happen now!)
The sister pose always comes out in full force when we have been drinking...and well, let's just say it ain't always pretty!

That was obviously a failed attempt at the sister pose (get your big fat head out of the way Tanya!)

Beautiful sister pose:

You're my favorite!
Ode to the Pose!

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