Sunday, September 18, 2011

"F" Words


Sunday: Rest
Monday: Total Body & 2 mile run (treadmill)
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: Zumba
Thursday: 5 mile run
Friday: Total Body
Saturday: Rest

I am still struggling with motivation this week.  With all my favorite work out buddies either in Atlanta, Ohio, or just too busy, I have been flying solo most of the week.  Group exercise classes have been my saving grace.  That and total body and biking buddy!  Hopefully this week I will get back on the bike!


I let Forbes vote for the featured recipe this week and his decision...
Olive Chick(en)pea Salad

This is his favorite because it is so versatile and satisfying.  He doesn't know it but it is quenching his craving for meat or "umami" and that is probably why he enjoys it so much!


Prayer Warriors

There is power in prayer and many of my prayers this week have been answered.  My friend Elizabeth is at home, still on bed rest, but the babies are still safe in utero.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers!

Some of my best friends ran a half marathon yesterday and they all rocked it!  I am so proud of them and so excited I got to be there to cheer them on!

Check out more race day photos here.


This week I would like to achieve these goals:
  1. Ride my bike at least once
  2. Finish organizing all new coach paperwork
  3. Finalize registration and order t-shirts for Girls on the Run
  4. Run once by myself
  5. Read my book
What are your goals for this week?  Let's help keep each other accountable!

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