Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'

Mmmm...veggie panini has been my favorite lunch as of late.  Here is another fabulous creation of avocado, roasted sweet potato, and spinach. 

And for another take, an open faced toasted sandwich of smashed pinto beans, mushrooms, tomato, Daiya cheese and hot sauce.

Lunch has been pretty great around here, including leftover Corn and Quinoa Chowder and salad.

Breakfast hasn't been slacking, just a basic bowl of rice krispies, but it is one of my all time favorite breakfasts!  I just love the texture and crunch combined with the soft bananas and cool milk!

I've been using up my stash of cold coffee with these Java Juice Smoothies.  Pretty fantastic with a little chocolate granola sprinkled on top.

But of course, there has been a little breakfast decadence in the shape of donuts!  These cake batter donuts sprinkled in cinnamon sugar are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Recipe coming soon!

Finally, dinner.  While this one is a quick meal but oh so tasty.  Forbes makes the best ragu, and while I wasn't a fan of these noodles, I spooned every last bit of that sauce into my mouth! 

And this meal, recipe to come another day, was also a major hit and even pleased our friends Emily and Travis.  I loved eating tofu this way- cooking it was another story.  I have a nice round blister on the tip of finger as a lasting memory!

And that's what's cooking here...oh wait, did we forget something?

Ah, yes.  Dessert.
More donuts! And Emily's fantastic Cake Balls!  Seriously, go visit her at Icing & The Cake for your own taste! 

Happy Hump Day all! 

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