Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prayer Warriors

My kitchen is hard at work at this moment...even if I'm not!  Thanks to a few special gadgets:
The Crockpot
The Bread Machine
My feet are kicked up and meanwhile soup is on, and so is the bread.  As if using a bread machine isn't easy enough, I took advantage and used a bag of Bob's Red Mill 10-Grain Bread Mix I have been holding on to.
At least I chopped the veggies for the soup I'm making!  I'm hoping this Quinoa and Corn Chowder is a hit.  I made an extra large batch.

All this cooking for one reason: my dear friend Elizabeth was hospitalized this week.  She is 5 months along in her pregnancy with twins and started having contractions and went into pre-term labor.  She had surgery yesterday and is still in the hospital recovering, facing months of bed rest.  The pregnancy is still not yet viable and there is a large risk she will not carry to term. 

The last few days have been spent in agony and anticipation, and most importantly in prayer.  I finally made it to the hospital this morning to visit her and despite all, she is in good spirits and is comforted by her hope in Christ. 

Nevertheless, she has two young children at home with her husband and I have made it my business to ensure that they will be well fed from now on, without Elizabeth lifting a finger.  And with the aid of modern appliances I am achieving that all too easily today.  However, I think once the sun goes down and it cools a bit I will fire the oven and make some cookies and baked goods as well.

Today's post is short and sweet but comes with a special request from all of you...please keep Elizabeth and "Huck" and "Finn" (the twins endearing nicknames) in your prayers, as well as her other two children and husband.  Above all else, just pray that God's will be done and His name be glorified.  I know that is Elizabeth's prayer.

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