Thursday, September 8, 2011

Date Night

I never did mention, but Forbes was out of town all weekend.  Combined with the reality that I have to work this weekend, we knew we needed a date night...even if it was a Wednesday!

I keep droning on about this new job and I'm sure, along with every other cryptic message on this blog, you are probably tired of the secrets.  Well since Forbes and I decided to visit my new place of business for date night last night, I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you my new job.
I started a new job at Flatiron Kitchen and Taphouse last week as a hostess.  I was given the choice of server, cook or hostess and ultimately decided the latter was the right choice for me.  As exciting as learning to cook in a Farm-to-Table kitchen would be, I think this job needs to be a low stress level job and kitchen work may be too intense Haven't you seen Hell's Kitchen!  Although the kitchen at Flatiron is nothing similar to Hell's Kitchen.  The Chef is delightful and the open kitchen is a great show for all the guests.  The atmosphere is modern and fun and so far I am loving the job. 

Forbes and I have visited Flatiron numerous times, but I have yet to eat here since starting the new job (yay for discounts!)
Before settling into dinner, we took a stroll through downtown Davidson.  Davidson, NC is my favorite nearby town, and is perfect for a date night should you be in the area.  There is a very earthy, small town, yet urban vibe to Davidson that can only be achieved in a college town.  Flatiron Kitchen is a great place for dinner and drinks, but other favorites on our list include the Summit and Brickhouse Tavern
Last night we had perfect early fall weather.  The type of weather where you really can choose to wear whatever you want and be comfortable.  I chose just be comfortable.
Leggings, my oh-so-soft Recipage t-shirt, and a long sweater. 
Eventually we made our way over to Flatiron just before 8pm.  Michael Orlando was playing live, and I had an agenda at the bar.
First pumpkin beer of the season! Last fall I drank my way through several cases of Cottonwood Spiced Pumpkin Ale.  Lucky me, Forbes worked at the brewery that distributed Cottonwood.  Unfortunately for me, the brewery is no longer located in Mooresville and Forbes no longer works for them. 
We started with a flight and tried the new beer on tap, Ass Clown.  We also had an Oktoberfest and Two Gypsies.
I liked them all except the Ass Clown. 

For dinner we ordered several appetizers at the bar.  Typically after 8pm on weeknights many of the entrees and appetizers are discounted at the bar, but my employee discount overruled.
We started with the house made pretzels which were soft and salty.  I couldn't get enough!
We also enjoyed the Mezza Platter which included a White Bean Puree that was AMAZING! and an olive tapenade and sundried tomato bruschetta dip.
The last appetizer was the best in my humble opinion.  I could eat this delightful dish over and over again.  The White Truffle Polenta was deep fried and topped with roasted tomatoes and greens, and a sweet and savory reduction sauce.  The flavors danced on my tongue and I lingered over each and every morsel.  I must manipulate Chef into divulging this recipe!

Forbes and I enjoyed a wonderful evening out.  Not something we do too often and maybe we need to do more often.  Marriage feels so special when you are out on a date.  It's almost as if you get to show off to the world what a wonderful person you are married to.  I think my budget needs reconfiguring to incorporate more exciting date nights! 

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