Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Scoop

My weekend has been full of fun with these two...and a surprise visitor!  But I'm going to keep the surprise for tomorrow when I'm in the mood to write more.  For tonight you just get the Scoop.


Sunday- rest
Monday- lift, 3.5 miles
Tuesday- 12 mile bike ride
Wednesday- Cardio Ballistic class at the Y
Thursday- 5 mile run (wahoo!)
Friday- Track Workout, 3 mile hike
Saturday- goof off/rest/hike

Best Cookies Ever!  'Nough said.

Animal friends...just kidding!  If we are talking about friends it would have to be these two:
Love them!  By the way, we miss you Diana!


We need a little faith up in hur...I think possibly tomorrow will be a very introspective look at the weekend.  Tonight...not so much. 

 Ha, ha!  Gotta love that face! 

And just for's a few more!
See you tomorrow!  Hope your weekend was half as good as mine!

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