Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An expose of emotions

Life is fragile.  Today I am struggling with many things in my own personal life, but I know without a doubt that God has placed me in the palm of His hand and is holding me up.  There are issues that you never believe you may face in a lifetime, and today I feel as if I am walking around in someone else's shoes and questioning my own reality.  This desperation is surreal.

I have been told in my life that I portray an unapproachable, unachievable level on this blog.  The truth is, this blog is not reality television.  Or maybe it is in that you only get to see what I want you to see.  And in my life, it is important that others view me in a positive life, and that I always try to be optimistic and happy.  It doesn't mean I don't have sad days, and I don't have problems like everyone else, it just means that Vegan Faith is about something more.  It is about looking at the best of every situation.  It is about learning what I'm passionate about and what drives me and makes me happy and enjoying each and every day to the fullest. 

For every sad or negative post on this blog there are more than 100 positive and uplifting ones.  And even the sad ones are uplifting in their own way.  I look to God for hope and peace in all of life's situations and that is what keeps me out of the mire.  But today I am neck deep, and while I have peace in knowing that God would not lay anything on me more than I can handle, it is still ugly. 

I share this, because I needed to write it out.  It is therapy.  And while this post is so very cryptic and doesn't begin to explain how I feel, it makes me feel better just telling you I'm sad.  Because now it is out of my head, and out in the open and now I can trust that others are thinking and praying for me today.  Life isn't all butterflies and roses (or chocolate chip cookies and smoothies).  It can be a rocky road some days.  Through it all I know I have the support of those closest to me, and the love of the Father. 

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