Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Fair Date

Earlier this week I was at a meeting in Troutman and realized Forbes and I were missing out on serious entertainment at the Iredell County Fair.  I promptly called him up, told him to get his behind to Troutman...there was Fair Food to be had!
While the prize winning butters and pumpkins were enticing, you know it was the fried food that had my attention.
Before throwing myself face first into the world of deep-fried everything, I made a friend with the Corn Man and learned way more about Carney's than I ever care to know!
The most important thing I learned is that Fair Roasted Corn is much better than any corn I have ever had before!

Well let's just call the corn dinner, and the funnel cake dessert.
When in Rome, people (or Carney-land).  I haven't tasted the likes of a funnel cake in more years than I can remember, and it was perfectly delicious and everything I hoped it would be.  It was well worth the "cheat."
Forbes agrees.
Amongst all the delicious food, one of the true highlights of the evening was this mere 6 year old swinging high above the crowd with nary a cord to keep her from plummeting to death.  Talented, yes?  Dangerous...well it was fun to watch anyhow!
The weather has been delightful in NC this week.  Warm, breezy days and cool evenings.  Thursday night was perfect for walking around the fair, observing lawn mower races, divulging in delicious fried food and gasping at the young'un flying through the air! 

I am so happy we made it this year.  We talk about going every year, and I dearly miss the festivals and fairs that occur almost every weekend in Southeast Missouri in the fall.  This was a fun taste of home.

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