Saturday, October 1, 2011

And the winner is...

...You will have to read to the bottom to find out!

I am at the best Starbucks ever, getting some blogging and work related projects done while the others sleep. 

What makes this the best Starbucks ever?  Randy, Mike and Brian.  Three men who sit outside and greet all the visitors with a smile.  They are here every Saturday, and sometimes Sundays too.  They were very helpful with church recommendations, great sushi places, and where to catch all the country music stars.  I just spent 15 entertaining minutes sharing my life story...and Diana's with them.  I promised we would be back tomorrow, and I would bring all the players in my story with me!

I took a little blogging break yesterday to spend quality time with the greatest people in my life.  Forbes and I actually got to spend the whole day pretty much to ourselves while Diana and Kendall worked.  We knocked out a 10-miler on the hilliest course I have ever known!  We caught up on our favorite tv show (Regis and Kelly) and also ate at an amazing vegan restaurant.  But tomorrow's activities will have to come in a full recap later.  Right now I will just recap this amazing week, and leave you with some fun photos, and then I'm off to enjoy another fun day in Nashville.  With amazing people, wonderful weather, and awesome food! 

Sunday: 8 mile run
Monday: Total Body
Tuesday: Pilates, 3 mile run
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 18 mile bike ride
Friday: 10 mile run
Saturday: most likely will be doing Zumba with Diana/or rest if we get too lazy or busy!


The Pumpkin Pie Smoothie wins this weeks Food feature, hands down!
Check out my other pumpkin recipes here.


This week, my faith didn't come through in my writing in a specific, themed post.  However, I believe it is evident in all of my writing, in all I do, in my walk, talk, relationships, etc.  I have felt God at work in my life in many ways this week, specifically my relationships.  I am feeling closer to all the people in my life, and am really beginning to examine God's purpose in my life, and what some of my future missions will look like.  I am excited for what God is up to and excited for the future.  And the present.  And each and every day.  I am just excited to live each day, walking with Christ and following His will for my life. 

Dancin' with my sister last night! 


No I didn't finish that book last week. 
No I didn't visit 4 sites last week.
But yes, I did run a 10-miler.

I call that a success!

This week I have so many evening meetings, I don't want to put a goal on site visits.  It may be difficult to get it all done.  So here is my one goal for this week:

To do at least one Act of Kindness each and every day! 

That won't be hard! 

Fun Announcement: 

We are finally to the bottom.  I even made this one fit into the features with an "F" word!  I bet you are anxiously awaiting the winner of the half marathon entry!

Drum roll please....

I listed all the entries out in order of their entry and then used a random number generator to pick the winner.  The number generated is...4, Nikki! Congratulations! You will be running the Ramblin' Rose Women's Half Marathon!  I would love to meet up before/after and meet you as well.  Please email me (or I will email you) and let you know how you can register!

Thanks for all the entries!  I am hoping to do many more giveaways like this in the future.  I am looking forward to this event, and after my crazy 10 miler yesterday, I am feeling pretty confident!

Have a great weekend!

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