Sunday, September 4, 2011


This weekend has included A LOT of relaxing.  If I appeared at all stressed for even a minute last week, well then yesterday was the exact opposite.  I lounged on the couch all day, removing myself only to eat and do other necessary things...I sipped wine, ate chocolates and engrossed myself in season two of Gossip Girl.  One word describes it- LAZY!

I have a tough time allowing myself to be lazy.  I feel a need to produce some sort of fruit each and every day.  And although I would chalk yesterday up to the most unproductive day ever, I still managed to squeeze in a 3 mile run, mop the kitchen floors and work the new job for 6 hours.  Doesn't sound like the lazy day I first made it out to be.  And I started feeling bad about this.  I want to be able to relax and not feel bad about my choices to drink wine and watch Gossip Girl all day.  Why can I not just allow myself this peace?

And then today I remembered why.  God did not create these hands and feet for wasting away in front of mindless, debaucherous television and drinking.  I was made for more than this.  And while God intended for us to rest and relax (the Sabbath was created for that very reason) I don't think his vision for rest aligns well with how I chose to spend my time yesterday.  Rather I should be resting in my relationships with others, not my computer or television screen.  I could even nestle into a good book, something stimulating and fun, and rest.  Even a nap, and the renewal of my mind, would be better rest. 

So rather than another episode of Gossip Girl, or another glass of wine, I think I will enjoy my book, a cup of tea, and then this afternoon visit some friends.  Now that sounds like a restful Sunday!

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