Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Saturday Scoop

It is the first Saturday in September and I am celebrating with a relaxing day all to myself.  It may involve some baking, and perhaps even a much needed kitchen clean-up, but overall, it is just me and my couch (and maybe I'll make my way to the library for season 2 of Gossip Girl!)

You know what helps me relax?  To first squeeze in a quick workout.  Then I don't have to play the mind games all day whether or not I will run.  So this morning started with a quick 3 miler with friends and here is the run down of the rest of the week:


Sunday- 15ish mile bike ride
This was a beautiful ride with two great friends out in the State Park.  We encountered more deer than cars making it a very peaceful adventure!

Monday- 30 minute elliptical, Total Body class

Tuesday- (so sore from total body!) 15 mile bike ride

Wednesday- (still couldn't move from total body!) Rest day/long walk with Forbes

Thursday- Treadmill HIIT
I made it up on the fly but covered 35 minutes of fast walking intertwined with super speedy running.  I was a sweaty mess at the gym but it felt good!  This was one of those days when I had to pull out my new exercise mantra "Make an Effort, Not Excuses!"  I was already at the gym for a coaches training and was trying to make it out the door without working out.  Finally I just forced myself up the stairs and on to the treadmill, and of course I never once regretted it!

Friday- Fun Track Workout with Forbes!
We did two rounds of stadiums and some quick plyometrics.  In was nice to squeeze in an early morning workout with him.  I miss our mornings together now that he is back to work!

Saturday- lovely 3 mile run with friends!

My kitchen did not see the light of day this week!  While we only ate out once, every meal was quick and dirty and not recipe worthy!  I promise I will get back in the kitchen next week!


I'm telling you, this week was all about business.  I worked hard, started a new job, opened registration for Girls on the Run and maintained healthy eating and exercise all week.  I would also like to think I maintained a great balance with my morning devotions with Forbes and constant prayer.  While you didn't get to hear about how my faith impacted my life this week, you should know that it is only because of my strong faith that I made it through this week relatively unscathed!  God is always there for you, and is always ready to pick up the slack where you leave off.  Knowing he has my back in any situation helps me to be bold, confident and strong in my relationships, in my career, and in my faith.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

I didn't get to spend much time with my friends this week...blends (blogging friends) or IRL friends (In Real Life).  However, right in the middle of my busy week I met up with these cuties for a much needed sanity break.  Jill and Dylan and Lia always brighten my day when I get to see them at church on Sundays, and seeing them in the middle of the week was a fancy treat!


Oooh, a new feature this week!  For a long time I was posting updates on my New Year's Resolutions and even some monthly goals.  All that fell to the wayside because Africa sorta took over my life.  My goals weren't my priority any more and I needed to make room in my life for something different.  However, as I start getting busier I am finding the need to balance more and having set-apart objectives for each week might help me to prioritize.

Track my work hours
This will allow me to recognize when I have worked enough and need to unplug.  I tend to work all the time because I am always glued to my computer or phone.

I have just trained over 30 new coaches for Girls on the Run, and I will be training about 10 more this week!  I have paperwork floating around everywhere.  It is time to reel it all in.

Daily Prayer
This is always a challenge for me, and while I'm typically good about doing devotions every morning with Forbes, I don't spend much quiet time in prayer.  This week I would like to dedicate 5-10 minutes each morning in prayer.

Plan a special date with Forbes
Sometimes I feel it is only Forbes' job to bring in the romance, and I wait around for him to make the moves.  I am realizing we both need to work to keep our marriage alive and so this week I want to plan a fun date for the two of us.

That's all folks.  Hope you are having a great start to your weekend...see you back here soon!

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