Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fashion Show

I'm for real in love with my new mini skirt from Five Bamboo!
It is so soft and comfy.  I can dress it up, or lounge around.  I love, love this fabric and bought this sweater from Five Bamboo as well.
I was really nervous about buying a mini.  Am I too old?  But this one is just perfect for me and I feel like a very young 27 year old. 

My house deserves a fashion show too.  I finally got around to cleaning and setting out a few fall decorations last night.
I don't have much, but with the help of Pinterest I'm hoping to add to my decor this season!  Either way, I just love having a clean house!
I don't like cleaning very often.  I usually have to have a pretty good reason.  Last night we had friends over for dinner and that was as good a reason as any.
I'm finally happy Autumn is coming.  I was mourning the end of summer and just couldn't jump on the Blogger Pumpkin Wagon that seems to be catching on.  But last night I lit up my Pumpkin Spice candles and now I'm craving pumpkin!
Before I toss summer to the side, let's say hello to just one more smoothie recipe today.
Java Juice Smoothie

This smoothie is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite smoothie to date.  What makes it so special?  Coffee!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

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Combine banana, protein powder, rolled oats and coffee in blender and puree.

Add ice and blend.


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