Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rock and Read 5k (giveaway)

Once upon a time I enjoyed racing...

The training.
The early morning runs.
The nerves before a long run.

The sweat.

And the fuel.

The comraderie.
And the victory.
But lately, racing has not been on my agenda.

As a New Year's Resolution I created a race calendar with close to 10 races for 2011.  But alas, racing hasn't been my thing since completing the marathon in January.  I even started training with Forbes for an upcoming half marathon, but quickly bailed when I realized the desire just did not exist.  And since, I have been content with my 5-6 workouts a week, keeping consistent, and having fun.   

Despite my lack of racing and training this year, there is always one distance that I will pick up and run should the opportunity present itself...and just an opportunity has come along.
The Rock and Read 5k is this coming weekend and I have an opportunity to participate and couldn't be more excited!  Saturday, September 10 at 8am at the Scaleybark Library Branch in Charlotte.

I met Jon Davis, one of the planners of the 5k, a few weekends ago at the Healthy Living Summit.  We chatted ideas about how to better promote both of our organizations and how to achieve some cross-marketing.  One thing I have learned working for a non-profit is that networking is key to success.  Lucky for me, I am a very social person and love to meet others!  So Jon and I came up with a few really good ideas, and I started to get very excited about this upcoming 5k.

The proceeds of this Charlotte race will benefit the 2011 Friends of the Library’s effort to fundraise for book collections at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library.  There will be music at every mile (just like my Rock and Roll marathon!) and a festival at the finish line including even more live music, food, drink, beer and mimosas!  Yes you read that right...MIMOSAS!  You know I just had to get in the action if mimosas were involved!  There is also a 1-Mile Fun Run and a Kid Dash.

I recently re-discovered the library here in town and my life has not been the same sense.  The first time I walked out with an armload full of FREE books to read, it was love at first sight!  Then when I returned and found out I could even take movies for free...well that love became unconditional.  Of course, it all led to my demise with Gossip Girl, but nonetheless, the library is my soul mate!

I can't express enough how much I enjoy using the library, and lucky for them I am always late in returning my "free" items, so I support them in my own way...one late fee at a time.  But if you love the library as much as I do, or even just your community, come out and support them this weekend with me!  I'll even throw in a free 5k pass to one lucky reader (or should I say Jon will!)

So who wants to run with me this weekend?  I will get to choose from the comments below one person to join me next Saturday.  Tell me about your favorite race, or if this will be your first, share your thoughts on races!  Or just say hey and you will be entered.   

The 5k is this weekend so I will be choosing a winner on Wednesday morning at 8am sharp!  I can't wait to run this race with one of you!

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