Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rock and Read 5k Race Recap

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this 5k announcement...
Tomorrow perhaps you will get the week wrap-up, but today I have some fun photos to share with you from the event this morning!
Forbes drove Shannon and me down to Charlotte bright and early this morning.  The weather was perfect for a running event and we were geared for a fun run!  Ultimately we gabbed the whole way and ended up walking more than running, but had a blast all the same (probably more fun if we are being honest!)
Prior to the race, Chubby, the Checkers mascot, helped us stretch.
We also met up with two of my favorite area bloggers, Kelly (HLS Roomie) and Jen from The Runner's Trials. (Isn't her baby bump adorable!?)
I fueled with a single banana this morning.  Partly because of the short distance, partially because I ate this bad boy way too late last night!
Going back to work in the restaurant industry has my meal times all out of whack, so I ate this for a second dinner around 11pm last night!  That is a NuGo Protein Bar, Mint Chocolate Chip flavored.  I received these in my swag from the Healthy Living Summit.  All vegan and made with dark chocolate, this bar is amazing!  It tasted more like a candy bar than a nutrition bar. 
After a quick pit stop, we were ready to run and before I knew it the 5k was finished.  Shannon was a fun partner and we are so thankful to Jon for entries into the race!
When we were all finished, we eagerly drank our Mimosas (except for Jen) and headed to breakfast at the Flying Biscuit Cafe.  This is my favorite post-race meal in Charlotte.  Our first time was after Forbes' half marathon in the Spring.

Today Forbes enjoyed the Tofu Scramble.
While I made a meal out of several sides.
My favorite part was their wheat toast topped with apple butter!
Breakfast ended all too quickly and I said goodbye to Kelly and her husband Brad, whom I got to meet for the first time.
While Charlotte is right down the road for us, it still feels like such a distance and it makes me sad Kelly and I cannot hang out every day!  She is such a fun person and we have so much in common! 

The morning ended with a delicious cupcake from the race.
They had a whole spread, and Forbes saved a strawberry cupcake and a mint chocolate cupcake for us to split!
Yum! On race day we don't question the ingredients! 

While we are talking about 5ks and fitness (and cupcakes) I'll go ahead and share this week's fitness recap:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest (duh! Labor Day.)
Tuesday: Ashley's Intervals
Wednesday: 2.5 mile run and Tae Kwon Do (free class)
Thursday: 18 mile bike ride
Friday: Rest (if you could call that busy day rest!)
Saturday: 5k walk/run

And one more thing while we are talking about running...I should also mention my running buddy just moved away!  It has been a sad week for me and now all 3 of my long-time running buddies have moved (all this summer!).  I am going to have to start "dating" new running partners to find a new one!  Anyone want to go on a blind date?

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