Friday, September 2, 2011

Emotional Eating

I kinda had a rough morning.  And even a rough night yesterday.  Which might explain my unexcused absence.  There are a few things in life that will pick me up from a bad mood and I am certainly thankful to have them.

We already established wine and greasy Chinese food works well, but there are healthier options too.  So this morning I spent a few hours doing exactly my favorite thing shopping!
Earthfare is quickly becoming my favorite
I can already hear a few groans in the audience, and I know it isn't for everyone, but as a foodie I am truly in love with grocery shopping.  While Old Navy has its place in retail therapy, there is nothing better than a store filled with fresh and wholesome goodies!
But Trader Joe's will always hold a special place in my heart!
So yes, I hit up two grocery stores this morning...and even a little something extra special!
Grocery shopping allowed samples to become my breakfast this morning despite that being against my action mantra No Free Food.  But after those tough bleacher runs this morning, I was excited for the carby, delicious samples from the bread board!
And I did accompany the samples with a delicious juice from Earth Fare (not free).
See, better mood already:
Me + Juice = Happy Face
Ironic, because currently behind me on my chalkboard wall reads "Choose foods that keep my physical energy and emotions running at peak performance."  Wine and take-out doesn't help so much to balance emotions, but veggies and whole grains work wonders!
Therefore I decided to pack in the veggies and whole grains at lunch with a Trader Joe's style meal.  Those greens were delicious.  They are the Organic Herb Blend and come packed with flavor!  On the side I had a slice of the Great Harvest High Five Fiber with a schmear of Kalamata Olive Hummus...all of the above (minus the bread) was purchased at Trader Joe's.  Even the balsamic I sprinkled on my salad is from TJ's. 
And now, in much higher spirits...I will attempt to get some GOTR work done before my second day on the new job. 

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