Monday, September 5, 2011

The Palms Cafe

Some of us worked today...albeit over lunch for just a few short hours.

I was meeting a new coach and giving her the low-down of GOTR while enjoying a new-to-me restaurant.  The Palms Cafe in Salisbury is a locally owned cafe that serves soups, sandwiches, salads and wraps.  Most importantly they serve gelato and...sorbeto!  Yes, please!
One of the wonderful outcomes of expanding my territory is having the opportunity to explore new and exciting areas.  Salisbury is a great community with many hidden treasures throughout, including this cafe!  When Tracey recommended The Palms I eagerly jumped on their website to check out the menu.  The endless list of options left me with high hopes for finding a satisfying vegan meal.  I ordered the Palm Vegetable Wrap with a cup of vegetable soup as a side.  The light and fresh, yet hearty meal was exactly what I needed on this gloomy day.  Isn't Labor Day supposed to be all sunshine and blue skies?
The wrap included green leaf lettuce, guacamole, cucumbers and bell peppers, alfalfa sprouts and a balsamic glaze.  The tangy glaze and creamy guac melded together in the wrap, pleasing my palate. 
The vegetable soup was warm and comforting and I obviously slammed it down before I even thought to take a picture.  It wasn't anything special or different than an average vegetable soup, except that it really hit the spot today. 

All through lunch I kept the gelato in the back of my mind, making sure to save plenty of room.  I tucked half my wrap to go in a box and anxiously awaited the cool and creamy treat.

Before deciding, I tasted several flavors.  While their was only one vegan flavor, I felt it necessary to do a quality check on the Sweet Potato flavor and the Pistachio.  Both were excellent and I cried a little inside knowing they were not vegan.  In the end, I enthusiastically chose the Mango Sorbeto and never looked back. 
Although the non-vegan flavors were wonderful, I knew I would not be happy with a bowl of either, knowing what I was sacrificing to enjoy dessert.  Though mango was my only vegan option, I delighted in every bite of the soft and creamy bliss.  The Palms Cafe makes all of their gelato and sorbeto home made and the quality is evident in the taste. 

Despite the awkward circa 1990's Florida Chic design, The Palms Cafe is an excellent dining option.  I can foresee many, many visits in the future!
Good bye for now Sorbeto, I shall return!

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