Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shake and Swag

I may have bid HLS goodbye on Sunday, but the memories and lessons are sticking with me.  I have had so much fun reading others' recaps of the event and you can too!  I spent several hours last night feeling a bit ill and using it as an excuse to catch up on blog reading.  I added many new websites to my blogroll and had a lot of reading to do!  Check out the Friends page for some of my new favorites!

About feeling ill- I just can't seem to shake it.  Monday night I went to bed early with a terrible migraine, and then last night the entire right side of my face began to hurt in that funny, sensitive sort of way.  Now this morning my face is still achy and I think I detect a pain in my ear...could it be an ear infection?  I really pray it isn't!  I have the busiest week ahead of me, lots of meetings and planning for Girls on the Run.

Instead of pushing it, I am taking my second consecutive rest day.  Originally I had a 5 mile run and lifting planned with Kristen.  Now, I just sit here bringing you the latest news from Vegan Faith.

...and speaking of latest news, I notice I have quite a few more people this week checking out this little website I call home!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  If you get a chance, check out the Meet Tanya page, as well as my Why Vegan and Why Faith pages to learn more about me!  I hope you stick around for the adventures, and please leave a comment introducing yourself!  Thanks for being here!
HLS may have been in Philadelphia, but the food has followed me home.  We received amazing swag at the summit and now Forbes and I are eating our way through all the goodies.  This Uncle Sam cereal from Attune Foods is absolutely my favorite!  I mixed it with Puffmaranth, banana slices and a flood of soy milk.
I prefer almond milk over soy, but I have been curious about my protein intake lately and have switched back to soy for the time for a few more grams of protein in the morning.

HLS swag also made an appearance at snack time yesterday.
Oh Nuts! snack mix and Nuts About Granola samples.  This granola is basically amazing.  We only got small, tiny samples and I wanted more, More, MORE! 

Question: Did anyone else feel the earthquake yesterday?  

I was sitting at my desk and began to notice things shaking a bit.  I glanced over toward the laundry room questioning if the washer was on and unbalanced.  Nope, no laundry...what could it be?  Things continued to shake and a few small things fell over.  Finally it dawned on me that I could possibly be experiencing my first ever earthquake and I should probably get moving.  I ran downstairs and out the front door just in time for the shaking to stop!

If I didn't already love Twitter and Facebook enough, I really appreciated it yesterday!  I immediately opened my Twitter feed and sure 'nough others felt the quake too!  The epicenter is Mineral, VA but we felt it all the way here and I've heard it could be felt even in Atlanta! 

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