Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making a House a Home

It doesn't take material objects to create a home.  A house can be filled with many things and never feel as comfortable and warm as we associate the word "home" to mean.  To me a home is filled with love, laughter, joy, faith and...food (of course!). 

However, when you abandon the cause to create a warm space in your house it can make things like laughter and joy seem a distant dream.  A couch can be a little cushioning to a blow, and a coffee table can be the perfect spot to rest your weary feet after a tiresome day.  When the world is pushing around you, having a sanctuary to call your own with a few comfortable pieces may be all you need to feel at home. 

About a year ago I glanced around my bare and despondent house and realized how uneasy I truly felt in my space.  I had taken what I learned from Dave Ramsey and applied my earnings into many important budget line items (paying off debt, saving) and left no wiggle room for any home improvement projects.  Meanwhile, the house Forbes and I purchased continued to look unhappy and hopeless. 

At that point, we made a conscious effort to use our spending money to furnish our house and create a space that was comfortable, pleasing and warm.  While we didn't blow our budget, we were still able to purchase a few pieces and create a space that is inviting. 

I have tracked many of our home improvement projects on the blog over the year.  Here are just a few:

Before + After
Stress Free Office

We have focused most of our projects on the main floor of the house, mainly the dining room and living room.  Some of those included new light fixtures, new dining room chairs, new couch pillows, coffee and end tables, lamp and curtains.  All of our projects have been done on a very small budget and mostly with gifts or hand-me-downs.  Despite our cheap approach to decorating, I think our little suburban home has come a long way. 

Yesterday we picked up one final piece to complete our living room.  We were out and about on errands and popped into World Market.  We found an armchair on clearance that perfectly compliments our current furniture.  It was also 50% off and cost us just under $100!  We pooled our spending money and brought home the perfect accent to our living room!
We re-purposed one of our new coach pillows from Ikea to accessorize the new chair.
Forbes also brought home some flowers that perfectly balance the feel of the room and I added a throw blanket to bring out the red in the dining room curtains.
We have had our eye out for a long time for the perfect chair and I think this one is very close.  If the definition of perfect means a compromise between price and function and looks, this is the perfect chair!

At the end of the day we relish in the thought of relaxing in the living room.  Our couch is very comfortable.  We keep it neat and tidy and free from clutter.  It is a relaxing and inviting space and I'm proud to call this my home!  

We have one final piece to add to our living room scheme and it is currently being produced.  I will keep it a surprise for when it is finished but I can hardly wait!

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