Thursday, August 18, 2011

HLS Or Bust

One year ago today I was writing about Millet Stuffed Apples and writing Operation Beautiful notes to myself.
...but what I was really thinking about was the Healthy Living Summit, and so sad that I wasn't there! 

You see, just about a year ago I joined this healthy living community, and right about the time I stumbled on Caitlin's or Angela's blog was right around the time they were all skirting off to the second annual HLS. 

Why, oh why could I not have found this blogging world just a few months prior so I too could be part of this summit.  As I eagerly stalked read the blogs of the attendees I envied their experience more and more.  I just knew that I would not be happy until I could be a part of the summit as well.

Well now is my chance.  Tomorrow morning I fly off to Philadelphia to connect with the amazing bloggers of the Healthy Living blogosphere.  For over a year I have been awaiting my opportunity to meet, network, work out and of course dine with all of these wonderful people.  And finally tomorrow I will have the opportunity. 

To all fellow HLS'ers: I just cannot wait to get to Philly, to meet you!  I'm off first thing in the morning.  My bags are packed.  My work is done for the week.  And now I can focus on just one thing.  Healthy Living Summit or bust!  See you in Philly!

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