Sunday, August 28, 2011

Makin' Memories

It's "Africa Sunday" and you know what that means around here...we're cooking up a storm in the kitchen and some unsuspecting folks will receive a knock on the door in just a few short hours.  I'll tell you, we made Banana Millet Muffins and Beg-Worthy Banana Bread from Peas and Thank You, and now I know you are hoping we will be at your door!

It has been a busy weekend around here.  Here is the short...and the long of it!
It began with a celebration on Friday.  Just me and Forbes...celebrating the week.  New students, new school year and the first two days of teaching done and done.
We visited our favorite attraction for a winery tour and a free wine tasting. 
And of course my beloved oyster crackers.
Daveste Vineyards offers free wine tastings to their "members" and we fall into that category for buying a case of wine for Forbes' birthday party. 
This was our first tour of the vineyard and wine-making facilities.  It is a very small operation, but they produce some of the best wine!
After my tasting, I lost my will power and caved to the temptation.
Those would be hushpuppies from Cook Out.  Hush...don't tell anyone! 
At least I paired them with a really healthy dinner of steamed bok choy, baked sweet potato and red quinoa!

We had such a fun evening on Friday, I hardly expected Saturday to live up to it!  Nevertheless, I had a few really fun events scheduled.  I was up early (5:30am-WHOA!) for a walk with my bestie who I hardly see anymore.  When you are squeezing in a walk before 7am you know you are desperate for quality time together! 

At 8am I had a date with these ladies.
What a delightful and fun group of women!
We had so much fun and I am very confident that they will be awesome, wonderful and amazing coaches for Girls on the Run. 

Saturday evening was another exciting event.  If you follow me on Facebook you know I was baking a batch of donuts and recreating the Roasted Tomato and Bread Toss for an event last night. 
This special dinner was in honor of Julie and Warren's 25th Wedding Anniversary!
What an amazing milestone!  Certainly a reason to celebrate!  I can only hope and pray that in 22 more years I will be as happy and in love as these two! 
Wine was consumed and food was devoured.
You know I had about 6 of these small plates!  There were 3 different kinds of hummus.  It was heaven!
Forbes and I kept saying all night and this morning how much fun we had!
We are coming to love this group of friends as family and I do not know how we would survive without them!  I wish I snapped photos of everyone at the party, but I suppose this post is already so laden with photographs, I'll cut you a break just this once! 

Well our muffins and breads are now cooled, and its time to head out!  I hope your weekend was as memorable as mine!  (And I haven't even shared with you about the beautiful 15 mile ride this morning or the dynamic worship service we attended! My, what an exciting weekend!)

What have you been up to?!

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