Saturday, August 20, 2011

HLS Cast of Characters

As a food blogger at a blogger conference, you may expect to see lots of photos of amazing food.  It is the norm.  However, this evening I am fighting back the urge to consume you with the details of every meal and instead show you the important side of HLS...

What could be more important than food you ask? 
The people of course. 

After all, I can get great food in any city, any time...but only once this year will I have the opportunity to spend the weekend with hundreds of like-minded individuals.  Women who also take out their over-sized cameras when the waiter serves the meal, who tweet even during a presentation (ahem...we were asked to) and who understand the importance of a little indulgence even while maintaining a Healthy Living cyber-persona. did that photo get in there?

Women who are unique, creative, and talented.  Hundreds of women that I was excited and anxious to meet and who have rocked my world for the last two days!  I love meeting new people.  Although it makes me a little nervous, it is so very interesting to learn about the lives, the stories, the experiences.  While all the bloggers at the conference are wonderful, let me share with you the three special women I have been rooming with. 

Cast of Characters
The Cheerleader Type:

I have had the distinct pleasure of spending much quality time and many conversations with Stephanie.  While I label her as the "Cheerleader" she could really be called "the great balancing act"...but that name's already taken.  Stephanie is the mother of two beautiful children, a devoted wife, and a hard-working career woman.  Her blog, Food and Fitness 4 Real, is...well...just that.  It is her life, her reality and how she balances it all.  She is inspirational, and probably the greatest thing I have learned about her is how she handles dinners in her home.  On Sunday she prepares 3 meals to get them through Wednesday.  On Wednesday she prepares two more meals.  Fridays are always date nights for her and her husband and Saturdays are family days.  With that kind of planning anyone can eat healthy and whole foods.  We all have a lot to learn from Stephanie!
Too Cool For School:

I just love Andrea.  From the minute I met her she was bubbly and fun, energetic and full of life.  Her Fitness Journey, which can be read in more detail at, is one of the greatest stories I have heard all weekend.  She had something to prove, and she did it.  Andrea is determined.  She has also kept me laughing and happy all weekend. 
The Southern Belle:

Kelly is your quintessential southern girl, complete with accent and all!  What I love about Kelly is her grace and poise, and yet she can still seem a little erratic at times.  She is a beautiful, genuine woman and full of fun and excitement.  I adore her amazing fashion sense and her love for finding a good time.  She writes at Foodie Fresh and reading her blog is one of the highlights of my days!  I am excited that we live relatively close to one another and will get to spend more time together even after HLS is over!

And speaking of...The Healthy Living Summit is almost over.  Tomorrow morning we will meet up one last time for a quick 5k and an oatmeal breakfast, complete with a toppings bar!  I am ready to go home to Forbes, but so sad for this experience to come to a close. 

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